Friday, August 17, 2007

More pics of the overalls!

Sam in her overalls..with that cute little face she just learned to make!Sarah "another pic mom...please get rid of the camera"!
This was my favorite...they are both ready to stop the picture madness!
This was a great pic of Hannah..she's such a poser! The girls are sick of my camera!

Sarah LOVES to pull hair...can you tell??? She does it all the time...Hannah let's her!!
Samantha is just a sweet baby...she just wants attention and loves making that face at whoever will look at her! SOO SWEET!
Samantha & that face again! I just couldn't stop since they all looked so cute in the overalls!
Samantha is a doll...when you actually get her to smile since she always looks so serious!
I bought these bumpo covers...they are AWESOME! I can't believe i waited so long to get them when they were only 10.00 each! cheap as he is...was sad when hadn't discovered these earlier! They love them and you can still put them on the table and then they can work on their pincer skills!

Sam is pulling her hear! Sarah just LOVES smiling at the camera! Can you say...Sarah LOVES the Camera!
Sam trying to crawl and Hannah dancing making the girls laugh! She's such an entertainer! The girls LOVE HER SOO MUCH!
Another precious pic...i couldn't stop taking pics! Just way too cute! I think these were actually boys overalls! Don't they look great on girls? HA HA!

These are TOO cute! I couldn't resist! I bought these on sale at old navy...6.99 each! What a bargain. Melody went back and bought a ton of them b/c she's going to try to decorate them for her girls. I really just wanted them for when they started crawling!