Sunday, August 12, 2007


Tara came over last night around 700p to watch the girls. Our plan worked out just as i had hoped. She came over, we fed the girls, played with them till 730p and then put them to bed. Hannah stayed up a bit later but she went to bed before we got home. She totally remembered Tara like it was just yesterday that she had babysat. We had a great time...we went to red onion cafe and had some dinner and a few drinks. What a nice evening away. We are planning on having another evening out alone this coming friday since tara needs some money for school and we always love to get out an enjoy a few hours away from the daily grind. I'm looking forward to my next date/dinner night out.

O yeah before i forget the shower is still a no go. This is the THIRD Large Panel they have measured incorrectly! What a mess. The next one better be right! I'm not going to hold my breath though! LOL!