Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Some Great Pics of the Girls!

UH OH...MOMMY CAUGHT US TRYING TO ESCAPE!! Trying to crawl...but more like the army crawl to me!

You just watch...we're going to escape when your not looking!
I thought i could escape this way...but there's a wall in my escape path!

Trying to make a triangle! Didn't work since they move too much!

Mommy...don't forget me over here!

Come on Sam...just one smile!

Hannah doing mommy's job...What a big girl. Who knew a 3 year old could feed TWO babies at once!
Come on Hannah...burp me!

The cutest smile i have ever seen in my life!

I took some great pics of the girls today. Hannah is officially my big girl babysitter. She fed BOTH of them at the same time today after lunch! She is SUCH a great helper! Secondly, Paul is definitely going to have to put the bed down today...they are pulling up like it's no big deal. They are soo sneaky!