Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What a night!

We decided to take the girls to National Night out last night! What a mess! Hannah had a blast but i noticed a few minutes before we left that Sam was acting weird. Very out of it for a lack of better words. SO i told paul hurry up it's time to go. Mind you it's 100degrees outside and we probably shouldn't have taken them anyway. SO, we got home and all the way home she was in and out of it...i thought maybe a bit hot and a bit sleepy. Well we got home and she was burning up! I took her temp and it was 102.7! WHAT? So i gave her tylenol immediately and tried to wait to see if she'd cool off. She didn't want/like the tylenol didn't want a bottle etc. I was pretty freaked out b/c i don't remember Hannah ever having a fever that high. I called the dr. and prepared to take her to the ER. The dr. told me not to and to medicate her with tylenol and rotate out with motrin. After about an hour the fever was reading 102.1/101.0 on the other themometer. Anyway to make a long story short she slept in bed with us so i could check her temp every 30minutes or so. I'm exhausted! I took her in to the dr. this morning and she wasn't sure what could be wrong. When she got up the morning she didn't have a fever..98.6 on the dot. By the time i had gotten back up to the dr. it was 101.0. WHAT? So she thinks a few things could be wrong: UTI or Virus. I had to take her up to NW memorial hospital to have blood work and they bagged her for urine to check and see if it could be a UTI. We should have the results back sometime today..i will update after that. Please pray for my little baby as she is really not feeling well...on top of that i took her around town all morning to the dr. then to the hospital and she was NOT happy and ready to go to sleep. She is resting peacefully right now...i just hope we have a better night tonight since bad things always seem to happen at night! UGH!