Friday, August 24, 2007


My MOMS Group! What a great group of ladies i'm so excited about meeting! The lady in the blue shit(you can hardly see) had the other set of identical twins..there just don't seem to be many identical sets in my group. It's about 100 fraternal and 25 identical! There's my friend from college melody on the right with her eyes closed...i don't think she'd be happy to know i posted this on my blog! :)There is katelyn on the left and sydeny on the right...they are the cutest babies ever!

We finally we able to go to a MOMS Play group! What a great time we had. I met so many nice people that have twins and are going through the exact thing i'm going was great! I think there were a couple of babies older than mine but more were right in the 7 - 8 month age range! These will probably be the kids my kids will hang out with for a while since we are all members of the moms group!
Before i forget, Sam is really making some headway on crawling. She can take a couple of crawls in a row now. She can also drag on foot and crawl with the's really cute. I will have to post a movie soon.
Lastly, we are now on the FIFTH...REPEATING...FIFTH PANEL on our bathroom shower. The guy brought one today and it didn't have a hole where you have to have a hole to bolt it down and also the took more off the bottom and added it to the in reality it was even smaller at the bottom with a BIGGER GAP x's 2 and TIGHTER at the top...what FOOLS! I can't even fathom how much money they've wasted on this shower. On the same note, i really chewed out the contractor today. I told him it was ridiculous how the painter came in yesterday and didn't even retexture where they had to fix some sheet rock errors! What a MESS! I'm furious and they WILL work around my schedule since i'm trying to get out more on TUE & THUR with the girls!'s been one year since we bought the house now and still not a full functioning bathroom. Also, the plumbers came today and messed up even more than my sink is not functioning at all! Pauls is, but the little thing in the middle...the stopper...doesn't work! WOW...what a mess!