Saturday, August 04, 2007

Family Outing

First and foremost here are pics of our new "kid/baby friendly" living room. Talking about 2 play rooms in our house...we have a real one upstairs and now a "makeshift" one in our living room. The girls...all three of it! They can see us now when we are in the kitchen and they are much happier now.
Second of all we had our first family outing today. Paul took us all to the mall. He took Hannah to the big play area in the mall while i went shopping with the twins to find something to match the red outfits i bought for the twins for our family pics. I can't figure out why i can't find one red shirt/outfit in any store in Houston. I went everywhere looking for something dark red to match the jumpers i bought for the girls. Nothing. So finally i decided to put her in pink instead of red. They won't all match, but that's ok. We mostly going anyway for her 3 year pics but we're going to do the family pics while we're at it. Anyway i guess i'll make an appt for next week to take them since i've found something for her to wear now.
Anyway back to the shopping trip to the mall. We had a GREAT TIME! It was definitely like a four ring circus with people staring at us and mainly at the twins...but that's ok..i like the attention. I'm proud to say they are all mine...except when they are pouting! LOL! ANyway we went to eat lunch at CPK and they did GREAT! We kept them in the stroller and fed them some puffs the whole time and they liked it. Gosh those puffs are such a life saver...the twins are like little birds waiting for mom to feed them. You just say PUFFS and they are making noises waitng for the puffs to come their way! They LOVE them! Anyway after that we went to the middle of the mall and fed them their bottles and they were ok. No fits or anything. I'm not sure if it was a fluke or not...but we had a great day without one tantrum!
Tonight we are trying for the first time to skip a bottle. They have 7 feedings a day still: 6,912,3 5,7,9 and so we are trying to drop the 9p feeding since they eat so much anyway they aren't going to starve to death. So after 7p tonight we put them to bed...cross your fingers they sleep through and don't realize we missed their bottle. They are little rascals and love to eat so if they find out we might have a crappy night. We'll see.
Think that's it for now!
Have a great weekend! I think we're finally starting to feel like our lives are semi getting back to normal. The girls are happier day by day and it makes me happier and not so stressed out. Now if we could get rid of these darn people who are working on the bathroom i could get out more and take the girls to some moms of multiples play groups!