Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy 4th Anniversary to Paul & I!

Today, four years ago i got married to the love of my life. It was the best day of our lives. Who would have known where i'd be 4 years later. HA HA! THREE KIDS, TWO DOGS, and as close as i could have gotten to a white picket fence. What a great life! Tonight we're probably going to take the whole family out for an early dinner...despit the fact that my husband said we can't go because there's a whoot off all day. TO those of you who don't know what a whoot off is...well, i don't either. Something about buying stuff...he really wants to buy a bag of stuff for 5.00 and end up with a big T.V. since one guy got one back a few months i think that will ever happen. PROBABLY NOT! But we won't sadden him by telling him that. HA HA!

Anyway for my anniversay i got the best present ever...besides being married to the man of my dreams and having a great marriage...Paul got my wedding ring resized. I can FINALLY wear it comfortably! I have to say he spent good money on my ring and i haven't been able to wear it for about 3 years now...well pretty much every since i got pregnant with baby number 1. SO, it was the best gift for me to finally be able to wear my ring again! It looks beautiful...even better than it did 3 years ago because the guys at robbins brothers really cleaned it up nice.

Well at 10a i'm off to the mall for some coffee(all my dishes are still dirty from yesterday b/c of the what i did below) and a present for Paul. I have yet to get him one because the kidos have been sick...the twins are still a bit stuffy but not bad enough for me not to get out.

By the way i forgot to mention the mess we had in our house last night. I clogged up the sink and boy was it a mess. I called ars and they couldn't come out till this morning. I was mad...but i'm over it now b/c it's fixed. NOTE TO not shove a whole bag of nasty old salad down the drain all at once anymore. O yeah and then shove a carton of nasty blueberries down right after that. What was i thinking???!!!! I was just cleaning out the fridge before paul got home from the grocery store. BAD IDEA!!!