Monday, August 06, 2007


We are teaching the girls to hold their bottles...something we regretted not teaching Hannah to do although i don't think she would have held it anyway since she didn't like eating. Life is so different with two babies that thrive for food constantly! SOO MUCH LESS STRESSFUL! I wanted to show everyone what the life of luxury with twins looks like! I just started proping them up in their bouncys with their bottles. I still have to push the bottle up every few minutes so they don't suck in air but this is nice since before this i would feed one at a time while the other would sit in the exersaucer crying while one was eating. Normally i'd feed Sam first since she eats very very the same time i thought it wasn't fair to Sarah to always end up getting fed last and crying bloody murder while Sam got food first. Before i forget..Mel's baby Sydney(the smaller of the two) is OFFICIALLY CRAWLING! I'm so excited for her and so happy things have turned out soo well for her and Ben! Her girls are just precious and very healthy considering all they've been through! We are going to their 1st bday party in a couple of weeks...i can't wait to see all the girls together for the first time if we don't make a mom play group before then! Enjoy the pics...