Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I'm getting ready to head to the mall to get Hannah some new pj's since all of her's are very worn out and have holes in the toes. Anyway, what i wanted to write and say was that after much thought we've decided to keep Hannah in St. Rose. SO, i took her back this morning to start her LAST YEAR of MDO! I can't believe it! I get a lump in my throat every time i think about the fact that this is my last year of having her home with me a few times a week. Next year she will start Pre K! How fast my baby is growing right before my eyes. Also, she's the youngest one in her MDO class right now. There is one girl in there that is a GIANT! Almost as tall as me. I couldn't believe it. I guess it's always going to be like this for her since she's so small to start with and always going to be the youngest one in her class! I hope she adjusts well next year...but i don't think it's right to hold her back...i think she'll be ready to get out and learn more!

I better run...i have to get to the mall and back here before noon so i can meet all the darn people that are coming by to work on our darn bathroom! This bathroom is a never ending projct that i sometimes wish we had never even started! I know one day it'll be done and we'll love it so much...but right now it's a pain since they can't get anything at ALL right! ERR!!! Poor Paul has to hear about it from me everyday! I know he's definitely ready for it to be over with.

Before i forget...the girls are still trying to crawl and can if they really try...but they are just not motivated to unless you put something they aren't supposed to play with in front of them to motivate them...like for instance paper to eat! LOL! It's really funny!