Monday, August 27, 2007

Is it bad that some days i'd rather Hannah at school...even if she's sick?!

Hananh's been driving me crazy all morning...coughing on the girls. Coughing all over them! I tell her not to and the next minute she's doing it again. As if that wasn't enough i just went to the kitchen and came back to catch her knocking over the girls while she was doing somersaults all over their little play mat. I feel bad for her b/c she doesn't get 100% of my attention...but does she really need to breathe all over the girls...while she's sick! Err...

I just got side tracked so i wanted to update the latest of happenings in our house. As sick as my daughter is she proceedes to make the best of her day. We were having a great day and i took the girls upstairs to play while i tried to clean up some of my ebay auctions and get them together to start putting on line. Time FLEW by and before i knew it, it was 1120a. So i proceeded to change the girls diapers and put them down downstairs in their swings. Anyway to make a long story short...i put them down, went back upstairs to get all the dirty clothes and came back downstairs to find Hannah no where in sight. I called her and called her to hear her yelling for me from our FRESHLY PAINTED(the guy had just literally walked out the door) BATHROOM! I ran as fast as my feet could carry me to find her hanging over the sink yelling that she wanted to brush her teeth! I almost feel over crying! Luckily she didn't do too much damage and just scraped a bit of paint off the front of the cabinet. Who would have thought in the millisecond it took me to run upstairs and back down she'd be in trouble already! UGH! How many hours till my sweet big girl goes back to MDO tomorrow! LOL! Should i start the count down now? HA HA!