Saturday, August 25, 2007

Our weekend out dinner!

The girls did SOO great tonight at dinner! We went to raodhouse and i was really really bad! Pauls mom will be so proud of me...i gave the girls some mashed potatoes! The LOVED THEM! I mean they were BEGGING for more! I'm not sure if there was milk/butter in them...but they were SOO happy to eat them! Plus they were soo happy to just have something to good to eat! We had a great time despite all the comments. I think it's an ongoing thing with people having comments about our family for ex: "man, you have your handful", "God bless you" etc. I'm going to start saying "yes. i'm blessed, thanks"! On another note, the girls are both semi crawling, dragging one foot behind while the other one's actually really cute until they flip over and hit their heads! They are definitely getting around ALOT! SOO CUTE!

Hannah is still sick...i gave her some of that mucinex and now she's blowing nasty green snot ALL over the place...we're still going to try to make it to her first gymnastics party tomorrow...we'll see. I'm sleeping upstairs with her tonight on towels...she's all excited b/c we're having a girls only slumber party! SOO fun even though she's sick!