Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sarah's Teeth

Both of her teeth are coming in! Whoo Hoo!

She hasn't been acting too bad so far. Let's hope it stays that way!

We go to take our family pics tomorrow...i'm really excited. I bought the girls new outfits today...i can't believe i braved the crowd at the mall! What a mess! We also went to walmart this morning...we bought SEVEN big boxes of diapers...i think we may go back and buy some more since they are TAX FREE! YAHOO! I never thought i'd be so excited about tax free as i am now that we buy soo many diapers! Too bad Formula wasn't tax free...we'd have bought enough to last us the next FOUR MONTHS! I'm counting down now! We are going to be rich once we don't have to buy formula any more. Right now we go through 1 gigantic can every 2 days...the can is 33.00 each! You do the math..i can't even think about's so much money to spend on formula! I'll post pics tomorrow...