Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hannah is feeling a bit better

Thank Goodness Hannah seems to be feeling better. We both slept on the couch last night...i don't know why i feel so compelled to watch her like a hawk when she's sick...perhaps b/c every time she gets a cough she ends up puking as she did yesterday! YUCK! Anyway, she missed her nap b/c she woke up 1 minute after she feel asleep coughing uncontrolably and then i picked her up ran to the kitchen sink with her and sure enough...great call on my part. After that i knew i had to sleep on the couch and watch her like a hawk. The sad part is that Paul and I were getting up so much with the girls...i'm accustomed to it and i don't feel like i lack sleep in the morning after a couple of cups of coffee and a couple of diet pepsis! LOL! Anyway tomorrow is our Four Year Anniversary...i have yet to go buy Paul anything b/c i've been stuck in home with Hannah all week. Tomorrow unless she's really sick i'm sending her to school...and I'M going to the mall! :) YAHOO! I'm sure i'll find something for him...i have one thing in mind...but i can't say right now.

I received the girls car seats yesterday. I was a bit upset b/c they look REALLY Bright pink on the website(which is what i wanted). BUT, when i got them sight unseen they were more of a pale pink. Also, the material isn't very soft and silky...but who's going to put their bare skin on them anyway? So i guess the material doesn't really matter. Anyway, they are REALLY cute either way...but i'm not sure if i'm looking forward to graduating to the big seats or not. Now we're going to have to have Hannah crawl in and i'll buckle her in from the front seat. The middle seat will be: the twins one on each side and Hannah in the middle. This may be a good thing or bad thing...we'll see and i'll let you know. At least when they are side by side Hannah can only bother one baby at a time. Now that she's in the middle...she can mess with both of them! UGH! I never thought of it that way till now! Secondly, no more snap n go...which i have grown to like and have just gotten used to it. Now i'm going to have to get the stroller out then get each one of them out and then get Hannah out. Gosh when will it not be a production anymore??!

On another note...Hannah seems to be very mechanically inclined. I'm trying to figure out if she's going to be really smart and picks up on things or if she's just good at guessing stuff. In the past week she's learned how to answer the phone, turn up the volume on the T.V. and she figured out how to use the camera and use Pauls camera phone. WHAT in the world is going on here? My dad still doesn't know how to use his phone...gets confused with the remote and can hardly use a digital camera. How does my 3 year old learn all this so thing you know she'll figure out the computer.

I took some pics of Hannah corralling the babies in between her legs on the play area yesterday...she kept yelling at me from the other room to come was really cute. I'll post those pics soon! They were really cute.

O yeah we have a sitter set for Saturday night. We are going to celebrate 4 years and 3 babies later! LOL!!! She's a new sitter that lives down the street. She came over the other night to visit for a bit...her name is Ashton and she's a sweetie. We'll see how she handles it. Her mom Robin came over with her (asked a ton of questions and i felt like i was having a job interview)and her two sisters Kristen 10 & Hannah's friend Jordan who's 5. Paul was all excited b/c after Ashton grows out of babysitting we can use Kristen too! We're set for the whole time we're living here!