Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sick Babies

You might wonder what it's like to have THREE sick babies at once. Well, i can answer that. Now all my girls have snotty noses and are coughing! Nice right? Hannah had it first and with her coughing all over the place, snotting all over the place and just being sick in general...the girls are now sick. I slept upstairs again with Hannah and she woke up about 1a coughing uncontroably. She also couldn't breathe very well. So i got up, went downstairs and got some vicks for her chest...she did NOT like that. She was screaming and crying that it was cold/wet which it wasn' just felt weird. Anyway i'm not looking forward to this week of my poor babies being sick. By the way, Sam is crawling like a pro. She was just in the far corner of my little play area and came all the way over to me to cuddle...not really she came over to get my computer! I keep running away and she keeps coming after's the cutest and sweetest thing ever.

Second of all you can really see Sarah's tooth coming just really happened overnight. I wish i could take a pic of it...but i don't think she'd like it if i pryed her mouth open and took a pic. :) She's still not on the move as much...a little bit hesitant but i have a feeling it's only days away where she'll feel as comfortable as Sam.

Third of all, i'm cancelling on Hannah's friend today b/c i just don't think it's appropriate to take her to the gymnastics party...I'm REALLY SAD b/c i really wanted to see her at gymnastics..i think she'd love it. As soon as things calm down a bit i'm going to have to see about enrolling her in a gymnastics class somewhere.