Saturday, September 01, 2007

Our upgraded car seats, Re-organized play area and more

We LOVE SAMS! What other store do you know of that is TWIN Friendly??? The girls had a blast in the shopping cart.. Pauls Aunt Helen & Uncle Bob sent this to us! I love it!
Here is the inside of the car. If you can't read says " it was nearly impossible to tell the girls apart, fortunately, one picked the left and the other picked the right". TOO FUNNY!

Here is a pic of our new setup. I pulled the rug up and put down more of those spungie squares. It seems like it's easier for them to crawl now.
Another pic of the new set up. We have plastic boxes surrounding both sides that aren't wall. Let's see how long it takes for them to figure out how to crawl over like we do!

Do you remember this pic??? My sweet babies are soo big now. It seems like it was only yesterday that they were this small! SOO CUTE!

This is Sarah! I can tell by the hair. She loves her biter biscuits! What a mess it was to clean her up!

This is Sam...once again, i can tell by the hair.
Both girls with their biter biscuits!
The girls in the car...This is the funniest thing ever! They are packed in the back seat. Hannah crawls in through the front and gets in...snaps the top up and waits for us to snap in the hard part. She will not let you go anywhere till she's all snapped in...which is good in case we get preoccupied and forget to snap her in.