Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bad washer vibes from Debi! :) LOL!

This post is dedicated to my friend/blogging buddy Debi! Ok, so after all the whooting and hollering about her washer(broken, fixed, broken again, then she had to buy a new one)...guess what happened??? This is what i woke up to this morning as i was putting the girls clothes in the washer! We really need to protest these darn cheaply made front loaders! Something is just not right about having a washing machine for maybe 5 years...spending a ton of money on it..and it BREAKING EVERY YEAR!

Ok this is funny..and totally NOT a JOKE! The same thing happened the EXACT SAME TIME, last year. The only reason i know this is beacause we bought a year warranty when this happened last year b/c it was actually cheaper than just paying to fix it. WELL, low and behold TWO days ago, the sears lady called and wanted to know if i wanted to renew our policy on the washer. Paul & my conversation went something like this. "Paul, Sears is on the phone, they want to know if we want to renew our washer coverage." Paul said, just as i had suspected b/c sometimes he just doesn't get it...and is very cheap about certain things...even though he knows the background of this darn washer "No, we don't need it...we can just use the home shield policy". I said "are you SURE???" Paul said, "yes, we should be covered." Less than TWO days later the darn thing BREAKS!

As i said last year this happened...and if i recall the conversation with the sears guy has something to do with the water level of the place where we get our city water from...that it goes down when it gets hot and we get the dirty sediments in our water...then that in turn clogs up something in the washer! LAST time this happened...we kept slacking and putting it off...we'd just drain the darn thing everyday and make sure to close the door in case it flooded up to the top. It never got really we kept putting it off b/c we DIDN'T have a warranty back then. When we finally decided to call..the guy fixed it and then it smelt disgusting! That is NOW WHY our washer actually stinks all the time. We do the bleach/vinegar thing all the time to keep it from smelling yucky and i wipe it down inside where the rubber is and the glass door and all inside after i'm done for the day. This Kenmore ELITE is horrible...don't buy one or at least check consumer reports before you buy. Also, for your own good..make sure you only use the HE detergent...i didn't know that and have blown out 2 or 3 motors.

So that's my day today...we're sitting around waiting for the sears guy to show up and unclog the washer thingie! UGH!

So, Debi, your not the only one with washer problems now! LOL!

UPDATE: Sears came..just as i suspected, there is sediment in the water that clogged something again. Thank goodness our service agreement doesn't expire till jun7th! YAHOO! He'll be able to replace it next Friday, but unlike poor Debi, we can still use the washer..just have to keep an eye on the water & hope it doesn't fill up so much that the door flies open and the water goes everywhere. I never thought about that last time b/c it didn't fill up too high. He said he's had some fill up to where the water just pushed the door open! YIKES! On a better more exciting note, they are now selling this stuff called affresh($13.00 a bag/3 tablets) that will take the nasty smell out of the washer. Hmm...wonder why they made that stuff? Probably b/c there were soo many people calling complaining about the smell! I bought one bag...i sure would be happy if it works! If you have a front loader and havent' tried it and have stinch in the washer...leave a comment and i'll get back to you and let you know if it works!


Jamie said...

Oh my goodness! Not you too!!!! I'm so sorry!!!

BoufMom9 said...

OH no! I have sent bad voodoo through the internet!
UGH! Would you believe Sears came today and got my STINKING clothes out of the washer (REEK of mildew after 4 days trapped inside!!!) and now they want to reorder the part AGAIN! Guess where I told them to stick that part??? LOL
Will be shopping for a new NON-SEARS washer tomorrow! UGH!

Harris Boys said...

OMG poor thing. I guess bad vibes can be spread across the internet. Way to go not hit my house!