Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When Daddy's away the girls will play!

Some pics from today. We had an arts and crafts day. I bought some of those kiddie markers that are small and round and easy to hold. I'm not quite sure if the girls are ready or not...but i think after a few more times they should know how they really work.

Sam with marker all over her face. All i can say is thank goodness for the words "washable" & "non toxic"! Sam on the left Sarah on the right...Sam looks like she's chomping down on a marker here! Sarah is doing a great job coloring!

NOW this is one great pic! I think Sarah thought she had a lipstick in her was all over her cheeks and lips! Just so ya'll know...i was actually supervising them and cooking...every time i'd turn around one of them would have one in their mouth though!
Another shot of Sarah with the marker all over her mouth!
Sam double fisted...eating TWO markers!
Sarah with her marker!
All three girls drawing at the table!Hannah drawing...she's totally a lefty! Look...Sam is to the right of her...also totally a lefty!
Hannah acting goofy!
Sarah all dressed up with no where to go! Nice shoes...too bad they don't match! I'm sure she'll learn to match very SOON! She's totally a girly girl!
This was taken before we went to target today...notice Hannah's attire. She wanted to wear her cowgirl boots! I have given up, so i let her wear whatever she wants no a days!

Paul left to the airport this morning at 5am, headed to the big D! He has a meeting with his secret girlfriend but says he's meeting with his partner Bob, in Dallas today, for a business meeting! LOL! TOTALLY KIDDING! Anyway, we girls are hanging out doing lots of girl stuff and getting prepared for Fathers Day. This morning we went shopping to Target and i made out like a bandit...i found some bikinis on the 75% off rack for $3.74 each! NO KIDDIN! I wanted to buy them all but i only bought 3 b/c i really don't have much use for them since i already have a few. BUT, i couldn't pass up a deal like that...who buys a swim suit for $3.74??? Then we bought Paul a few presents...Thank goodness i didn't let Hannah see the big one i got b/c she already told him everything she actually saw me buy! After i repeatedly told her NOT to tell him! SURPRISE SURPRISE!

After Target, we went to James Coney Island, at Hannah's request. She had a hot dog and the girls had chicken and ff...but as usual, only ate a few fries. Speaking of food and the girls. Two things, first of all they ATE HOT DOGS at school on Tuesday..Ms. Anna said they actually ate a ton once they tried them. NOW, ask me if they've eaten one since then? I've put one on their plate almost every meal since...not a chance! UGH! Then, we cut off all bottles 3 days ago now...they are protesting...and i refuse to give in. SO now, every morning and night they pitch a major fit...and will throw the sippy cups at us...or just not drink anything. It's frustrating...but they'll get used to it sooner or later. I've really set my mind to getting rid of them now that all this stuff is going around about BPA in the bottles! It scares me!
Since i've been trying to drop the one nap in the morning for the girls...we've made sure we are out everyday during their 10a nap. Today since i took them to target they skipped the nap and did ok...they fell asleep on the way home but that was for about 5 minutes total! Then i got them all pumped up and we ate and then i bought this really cool bubble thing that pops out about 10,000 bubbles a minute(or so it says) and we took that out in the front to chase bubbles. I put them down for a nap around 2p after a nice big snack(because they can't live without their snacks). LOW AND BEHOLD...they BOTH..well ALL THREE really slept for over 2 hours! S & S went down at 2p and Sam got up at 345 but i held her and she totally fell back asleep. I finally decided it was TIME to get up and i woke her up for good at 415 and then we went and woke up Sarah about 420p. That is 2 hours 20 minutes...that's CRAZY! They NEVER sleep that long...NEVER! I like this one nap a day...if only they could sleep for 2 hours every day i put them down for one nap! I guess we'll see!
Tomorrow the girls have water play at school. I'm looking forward to watching them for a bit through the windows before i leave...i want to see if they are bashful or just dive right in. The love water so i have this feeling they'll have soo much fun with this water play day! I guess we'll see!
That's all for now! Have a great week!

A funny story: as we were walking in to target i did my usual with the girls. Most of you have heard this many times...i take Sarah out...unbuckle Hannah..go around to the other side...unbuckle Sam get her out with my other arm and then help Hannah jump out. She is allowed to then shut the door as i watch her very closely to make sure no fingers get shut....Don't worry..i've VERY VERY careful with her and watch her the whole time. Anyway, today i put the doggie leash on her since i wanted to walk through the parking lot and then load all 3 up in the cart. She loves the leash and loves barking at people as they walk by and see her in her backpack leash. Anyway, so we make it inside and i put the girls down as soon as we find an empty cart. I kneel down with Hannah beside me and put Sarah in the cart, as i was putting Sam in a lady walks by and all she says is "OH MY GOD" and keeps walking! I was LAUGHING so hard i almost peed my pants. I have heard some funny remarks..but never just "OH MY GOD" and she points at us and keeps walking! WHAT? Kinda rude...but why even say anything at all?? Anyway, no biggie..but it was FUNNY!


Jamie said...

Ah yes, the lovely comments that people just can't seem to keep to themselves while they're observing us out in public! We get them too!!! And laughter really is the best response!!

And I love the coloring pictures! That show my kids look too! Uusally someone is eating it, or "giving themselves a tattoo" (thanks to daddy's tattoo on his arm that they adore!!!)

Hope you have a great week!

BoufMom9 said...

HOLY! Some people are so rude!!! Can't believe the comment!

Sounds like you are getting your girls on the same schedule E&W are on. They go down for their nap around 1pm though and sleep til around 3:30, quarter to 4.

Loved your pics, as always. the girls are just adorable, even if they did draw all over themselves! :)

Gibson Twins said...

The lipstick pic- I don't even know what to say! I'm thinking how cool it is she knows where lipstick goes! :) I have seen people use the leashes on their kids but after all the crazy (make that stupid) comments people make to me about the twins I have learned to keep my mouth shut. But if I saw a cute little girl on a leash barking at me, I'd probably die laughing! Good luck getting off the bottles, we're still struggling with that. Its the bedtime bottle that kills us. Morning they never got one but they get us 10x as bad at night. The doc said they'll eventually quit crying, but after 5 hours of on/off crying I get tired from listening to them cry. Theres no going back though, we threw ours away. Otherwise we would have totally given in. If the garbage man hadn't taken them actually my husband would've considered fishing them out (totally kidding!).

Have a great weekend!!

Cheryl Lage said...

Girly craft day looks like such great fun! Daddy really missed out!

Holy cow...that comment is just beyond the pale. Glad you had the wisdom (and good humor) to laugh...your kids will appreciate their Mom's sense and acknowledgment that ridiculousness need not be responded to!

Great work, all around Mom!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Time for the girls that's the way to be shopping, and let the girls do what ever with makers & you can't forget about play dough let the girls have fun well daddys gone! hehehehe he will never know! lol

TONYA said...

I saw bathers on sale at Target for a similar price a few days ago too, but you know what, none of the tops or bottoms matched, I was so sad ... not that I can wear a bikini, but I was at least hoping for a tankini

Your girls are so gorgeous. I found your blog on the Gibson Twins blog and had to take a peek being a twin mummy too.

Mine love those markers too and are finally getting out of the eating them phase. You should try the no mess Crayola markers. They only draw on the special books and nothing else. They are fabulous.