Sunday, June 08, 2008

SOO TIRED! But had the best night we've had in years!

We got going last night about 730p! Tara showed up and we chatted for a bit and the girls got to hang out with her for a bit. Of course, they are still a little shy...but definitely not scared of her. We put the girls down about 730p and left. When we put the girls down, sometimes they cry a bit. It's like they knew we really needed a night out. Not a peep! I mean they said "bye bye" as we were walking out the door and that was it! I was so excited! We were very lucky that they were in a REALLY good mood last night.

We left and decided to go to PF Changs. If you have never been there before and live in TX, look them up and see if you have one near you...the food is DELICIOUS! I really love the lettuce wraps. Anyway, we got there around 8p and low and behold the wait was ONE HOUR! Yeah, that wasn't going to happen. So we moved on to another restaurant...Texas Land & Cattle. I've been there before a few times...the food is really good but kinda pricy. Anyway, it looked empty so we drove in, walked in the door, and got seated RIGHT AWAY! AWESOME!

It was weird...this was the VERY FIRST TIME IN YEARS...that we weren't just going to dinner. We actually had PLANS after dinner! I was soo exicted. I know all Pauls employees pretty well...most of the guys work overnight...but sometimes i see them in the morning when i've gone up for any reason. They are all soo sweet. They all have kids and some are older and some are i love seeing all their kidos!

Anyway, we ate dinner and made it to the 15, right before they started the traditional dances. I gotta say, hispanics are really big on having gigantic 15th birthday parties. This party was seriously larger and more expensive than my wedding. I'm talking 200 people or more. Lily(the birthday girl) had a nicer dress than i had for my wedding! This was the most spectacular 15th birthday party ever! Pauls employee said they had been saving and paying for this party for 15 months...It was AMAZING! She had a SEVEN TIER cake(i'm totally serious too), she HIRED these young men to be her dancers instead of having her friends do the dances with her..that cost 3000.00 alone! The guys were professional dancers...and they did really good. We didn't eat there...but the guys said the food was delicious...i think chicken cordon bleu...and new potatoes...not very traditional for a 15...but sounded good to me! :)

The DJ was one of Pauls ex employees, who we are still on good terms with...he quit to move on to work for a car repair shop. Anyway, we actually still owe him money from 2 or 3 years ago when Rita came through and Paul stacked chairs up in the garage right by my BRAND NEW SUBURBAN and the chairs fell on top of my car one night. Anyway, King(the guys nickname) repaired the damage...but never came back for us to pay him. OOPS! Anyway, Paul talked to King for a bit...and then i guess they started playing some tejano music. King was totally getting on the mic yelling for Paul and I to come up and dance. I know my hubby can't dance...b/c white boys just can't dance...unless your VANILLA ICE. SO, Paul kept ignoring him. But it was hilarious! We had a blast. I even got to hold one of the guys little baby boys...he's 5 months old and precious. He was soo cute..but so strong and HEAVY! We finally left about 1130p. Time just flew by so quickly! I'm sure Tara was in shock b/c we always go to dinner and come straight home. We're normally home by 10p at the latest.

So we actually got home around midnight...which is SOOO late for us! Hannah was fine when we got home. It all went fine and Tara said they had a blast and i'm sure between the two they talked each others ears off, since Tara & Hannah are both HUGE talkers! I would have loved to hear their conversations! HA!

This morning i was praying for a miracle...that my children wouldn't get up so early! That did NOT happen. We went to be about 1230a and they got us up at 545a! OH MY, we are exhausted today...but it was so worth it. We had so much fun. This won't be an every month occasion...but every once in a blue moon, it's good to get out and do more than just go to dinner. Now if i could just have an hour or two nap...i'd be rejuvinated! LOL! I don't really think that's possible having three children!

O yeah, lastly, we went to Walmart while ago for our weekly family shopping trip. I found the CUTEST shirt for Hannah...It actually sums us up for the day! Here's a pic of the shirt! LOL!
TOO bad they didn't have the twins size...otherwise i would have had to get THREE!


Brad & Alyssa said...

I so need a shirt for myself that says "Mom is exhausted"

Carrie & Brook said...

Sorry, I stopped reading at the word "PF Changs". It's my fav and now I won't be able to catch up on your blog because I am salivating over their lettuce wraps and ginger tofu. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum.