Monday, June 02, 2008

Just some cute pics...

The girls playing in their pj's! This is our new "kiddie" bench for the front yard. We found it at Krogers for TWENTY DOLLARS! This was a steal b/c all the other ones we've looked at were 70 dollars and up!
Look at those cute babies! They are wearing their new shirts from the beach...they say "This is what spoiled looks like, Panama City Beach"! Soo Cute!
Sam in her favorite chair with her favorite item in the house...the remote! LOL!
Hannah & Sam playing in Daddy's chair!
Have a great week! I think i have some video to stay tuned!


Jamie said...

Holy COW! I have some catching up to do! See what happens when I go away for the weekend!! WELCOME BACK!!!!!

Oh, and go check out my blog! You've been tagged!!!!

Cheryl Lage said...

LOVE that three-shot!
They're simply precious. :)

Harris Boys said...

Brenda, they are just so cute. I know I say (type) that alot, but they are just precious and I love seeing pics of them. I just know our kiddos would have so much fun together. Sorry to hear you broke another camera...what a bummer!!!

Jae said...

Oh my goodness! They are adorable! And the similarities to my family are huge! I'm certain you too, are asked if they're triplets.

Gibson Twins said...

Wow I love the picture of the girls in their matching shirts on their bench! That is so cute! Glad you had fun on the vacation and your new header is gorgeous!

It looks like the sun is lightening the little girls' hair too.

Welcome back crew!