Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just some Random pics...

Sarah eating popcorn out of a bowl with a spoon! It was SOO cute. She ate that popcorn piece by piece and was so proud of herself! This is what happened when Sam ate some port wine cheese today! Obviously, she won't be eating THAT anymore. PLEASE NOTE: there is NO WINE in the actual cheese..i checked the label, i promise! But, whatever WAS in that cheese was not good for her!
Here is a better shot of her face after she ate the cheese! YIKES! Poor baby!
Sarah smiling!
This, my friends, was the T.V. we were SUPPOSED to get WEEKS ago off of EBAY! Yeah, that's right. The bad man that we did "Buy it now" from FINALLY sent us the RIGHT TV for my car! many weeks late? TOO MANY TO COUNT! I'm happy to say, this is actually the correct TV though, so we'll happily take it either way! Now, it's time to leave some feedback! LOL!
Sarah and her popcorn in the make up bag!
Sarah eating popcorn out of a mary kay make up bag...she does funny things with popcorn..doesn't she?

A close up of the popcorn in the bag. She took all the popcorn out of her bowl to put it in this was hilarious!
Hannah had a long day...and fell asleep beside her favorite Coach purse! That's actually mommys...but she can use it for now!
Sam sitting in her high chair..what happened to her shirt? What's all over her face? Well at least she has shorts and a diaper on!
Sarah and that popcorn again! that our three daughters in the doggie kennell? Yep, they booted Gracye and climbed right on in! Then fought over who got to sit where! LOL!
Playing in the doggie Kennell!
Finally, mommy let us out!
WAIT MOMMY! You let Hannah forgot about us???


Harris Boys said...

brenda, those pics are great!! I love the last few with the dog crate...that made me laugh :)

sorry sam had the reaction to the cheese, poor little thing. Hope it clears up fast!! great pics as always, the girls are so cute. they have beautiful eyes!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Cute pics of the girls!
They always look like they are having fun!

Shawn said...

I can totally see my girls in a kennel like that ... something off limits. When I've tried making a fort for them they just tear it down.

I didn't realize it was OK to serve popcorn at this age ... was waiting. I think they would enjoy it.

Brad & Alyssa said...

Ah her poor face!!

My girls love popcorn too! Except I have problems that when they don't want anymore they will smoosh their popcorn/crackers and then it gets all over the floor! URGH!

Nice to FINALLY have the tv huh? Wow that took a long time! Crazy!

hey quick question---any good ideas on what to get my hubby for our 5 year anniversary this saturday? I'm at a loss!!!!

Jamie said...

Oh, that reaction doesn't look like much fun! Did it go away on its own? Or did you need some benadryl or something??

I loved the popcorn pictures! She's so creative!

And the dog kennel. I don't know what it is, but kids LOVE to play in the dog kennel don't they?

Carrie & Brook said...


We've had a few issues with Ebay ourselves. My husband actually bought an Audi station wagon (one of the coolest cars EVER!) site-unseen and paid to have it shipped to Oregon (where we were living at the time). The deal was without conflict...but once we bought a book for $10 and it took almost 3 months to deliver! And then when we received it, it was trashed.

I'm glad that you finally got the TV!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog (I can't remember from where!) and was reading about your cute family! I have food allergies and some (like walnuts) make an instant rash on my face like that. Since the girls are so young and have a hard time expressing food issues, you may want to take them to an allergist to be tested. In my case, I'm also severely allergic to mold and can have reactions with some cheeses. My other food allergy (in addition to tree nuts) is shellfish, from personal experience I can tell you they're quite scary! Good luck! Elizabeth

BoufMom9 said...

LOL! LOve them in the dog crate! That has become Emma';s favorite place to play lately too!
Too funny about the popcorn!

Gibson Twins said...

That is hilarious with all the girls in the doggie kennel! I am still figuring out how you eat popcorn with a spoon LOL! Love the orange dresses, very very pretty and summery.

And poor Hannah, the picture looks pretty bad of her foot but kids are like that. Mine bruise extremely easily from hitting eachother (still working on that).

Do they ever fight? They all look so happy in their pictures, I swear half of the time mine are in eachother's hair!