Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thank You Auntie J, for all the clothes Allison can't wear anymore!!!

Thanks Auntie Jennifer, for all our nice new/used clothes! We just want to say that we are happy you are having a baby boy and we get all the cool clothes, Allison doesn't want/can't use anymore! WE LOVE THEM ALL! Here is a first look of us modeling some of our new clothes! Please thank Allison for us too! We love her soo much..and not just because she gave us all her old clothes! XOXO

These are all Allisons dresses...Sarah's got a 12 month dress, Sam's wearing 18-24 month & Hannah 3T! They love the new dresses!
Sam loves mommys sunglasses and posing for the Camera!
Sarah loves mommy's sun glasses too!

Hannah just loves posing!

Sam's purse/easter basket!
Sarah loves copying Hannah...
Totally posing for the camera!


BoufMom9 said...

Those are GREAT dresses! The ones on the twins look like either lands end or hannah Anderson. Am I right?
;) Debi

The Myers Family said...

HA HA! You are good Debi! They are Lands End...not something i would actually buy on my own. My girls only wear the best..TARGET & WALMART! LOL! BUT, they are nice and comfy and the girls always love new clothes!

I do buy great second hand clothes from one lady that has twins two years older than mine...and she has some AWESOME clothes...janie & jack, the gap, etc.

Now, as for Hanna Anderson...umm...my poor girls will never be able to wear those clothes...they are SOOO EXPENSIVE! I've looked at a few mother/daughter dresses and pj's..i think i'd be in divorce court if i purchased anything at that store! LOL!! My sister bought a hair band there for her daughter for $10.00! WAY TO MUCH for someone with 3 kidos!

Jamie said...

Don't hand me downs ROCK!?!?!?!?! I live on Target and Walmart clothes too. No sense in getting anything else for how quickly they go through them, or get them dirty!!!!

Your girls are too cute!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Your little girl look so Pretty in there new dresses! Hey its always nice to get free clothes or almost free hehehehehe I love 2nd hand stores they are great! You know those expensive store, you can go into them check out the clearance rack hehehehe I do all the time even for myself.

Gibson Twins said...

You're so lucky! The dresses are adorable just like the little ones wearing them! I can't believe either of the twins could wear a 12 month dress- your girlies are way more petite than my duo. We're hopefully going to pull off 24 months for the rest of summer. Hopefully.

My poor husband has to deal with my Carters trips about every other week. I always "need" something he says. I justify it by saying I'll sell it when we're done with it, but truth is (and he has no idea) that 95% of it is shoved into the nursery closets. Not even sure what I will do with any/all of it. I really am pathetic that I can't get rid of baby clothes huh.