Friday, June 06, 2008

Play group today!

OK, now that i'm home and nice and clean i have a great story for the day.

Since the girls seem to be doing much better...the snotty noses are gone for now, the teeth have poped through and we were just having an all around good morning, i decided to brave the park over in Jersey Village with my moms group.
I got there first and it was beautiful outside...nice and breezy...but a cloud here and there. Then about 30 minutes after i arrived it seemed to cloud over a big deal, a sprinkle here and there. Whatever. By 1030a all but one of the moms had showed up to play. The girls were having a blast. We got to swing some, play in the sand box and then of course my girls started signing for food. DUH! Gotta be one of my piggys that's hungry. SO, we sat down on a bench and i gave them their snack and water...they seemed to eat and eat and eat. All the kidos gathered around and they all had a snack. It was tons of fun...considering i was a bit worried since last time we went to that park i felt like i was running around like a chicken with my head cut off b/c there were girls going every way...and it was hard to keep up, even with Paul and his parents with us.
Needless to say they've grown up a bit in the last two months. I was very calm..the girls were very careful and they even climbed up and went down the slide a couple of times all by themselves. Anyway, getting back to the story. So all the kidos finished their snacks and went back to play some more. It seemed like there was a dark cloud coming...but it seemed rather far away. I noticed it and said something...but no one realized how close that rain was to the park! LOL! All of a sudden i see the rain coming down the street...i mean sheets of rain! I just yell, "ladies, the rain is coming...look!" I have NEVER seen moms with at least 2 kids each, run so fast in my life! It was HILARIOUS! I grabbed one baby...oops...gotta get the other one two. I was yelling at Hannah to come with me so i could just load them in the car first and then brave the water and go back and get the sand toys i took...and the choo choo wagon i also took to get the girls into the park without worrying about anyone running in the street. We got all the way to the car...everyone was soaking wet...and sand all over everyone, me included. UGH! I JUST had my car washed, waxed and shampooed! UGH!
I just threw all of them in the car as fast as i could. By then there was sand all over my clean car...all over the clean floors and all over everyone!
To make a long story short...we had SOO much fun despite the rain. I'm really starting to enjoy play groups. The girls are old enough to enjoy playing...and we're almost at the point to where i can sit back a bit and relax while the girls run around like crazy and get all the energy out! Plus what is more fun than hanging out with a few other MOMS who are in your shoes? Even though i didn't know any of these women 2 years ago...we've all got something in common and the bond you have with the other ladies is amazing! I do hope i remain friends with them, and of course my blogging buddies for years to come!

After all the excitement and rain, we decided since it was friday, we'd do the drive thru lunch and went to Jack in the box and then home. I changed the girls as soon as we got home and dusted as much of the sand off as i could. Then we ate and then bath time...even though it's not their actual bath day! Shh...Hannah said...don't tell daddy..or he won't let us take a bath tomorrow since we had one today! LOL! Now they are all nice. clean and sleeping!

Anyway, all in all it was a great day. I had fun...i got to see anseli, connie, sally & stacey with all their twins and more! I wasn't nervous...i wasn't a wreck when the rain hit...i'm learning to deal with this whole twin thing a lot better as the girls get a bit older. All in all, i'm just much happier now that i'm not scared to get out on my own. I can do it...and it's not as hard as i thought. I'm very lucky that i have Hannah...she really helps me a TON! She wrangles up the girls when i need her to...she helps them climb up things...she shows them how to do's just plain fun! Of course there are still bad days...where Hannah is bad...the girls are bad and i'm just a wreck from all the crying and fighting.
BUT, today i saw...i'm not the only one with children that fight. Anseli's little boys were going back and forth over this one shovel...and it was hilarious! It was also reassuring..that i'm not the ONLY ONE going through this. I'm not the only one with children that fight over the same toy. That's just life with twins and if you don't have twins or multiple children that are close in just have no idea.

With all that being said, here are some pics from the day...i told Paul i wish i had taken a few pics or video of all the ladies grabbing their kids and was HILARIOUS..not at the time..but now that i'm all showered and clean it WAS funny! :)

Have a great Friday and happy weekend!

P.S. tomorrow is my 2nd blog on It's all about things you have to have when traveling for 13 hours with multiple children in a car! :) I'm almost done and should have it posted tomorrow morning after i get the darn pics added! Darn wordpress...i just can't seem to get it figured out. Also, now if you click on the about little blob is up there...I know it's goofy, but i'm so proud to be a part of TWO groups of MOMS! It's great!


Ashhog said...

I'm so glad you have a MOMS group in your area. We don't-but it's so nice to read blogs like yours! :)


BoufMom9 said...

I wish I had a group like that too! I have a MOMs group, but hardly any twins in the group that are E&W's age! :(
It looks like such a great day & funny about the rain!
Good for you getting more comfortable! Just means your world will open up that much more!!!
:) Debi

Lisa & Gerald said...

Glad to hear you had a great day with the girls! Other then the rain storm !
Hope you have a great weekend!

Gibson Twins said...

What a great playground for a playgroup! Looks like fun! Our city just built the toddlers a new playground that opens next week that we will hopefully get lots of use out of. We have a new house with central air but hubby won't turn it on, I think hoping to save money. But we reached an agreement that since I'm home all day everyday with the little ones it has to be comfortable for THEM not just ME. Thank goodness!