Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day dinner with my family!

We had our family "Father's Day" dinner last night. We all met at Maggianos, which is an italian family style restaurant. The food was ok. It was fun but i really think we need to re-think the whole "family dinner at a restaurant" thing. It's just un-fair to the kids. Who wants to sit in a chair for 2 hours? Then you have the same people sitting side by side each time...we never get to socialize with anyone because we're soo busy entertaining the kidos. Hannah & Allison would have much more fun if they could get up and move around...which isn't really an option in a nice restaurant. SO, looks like the families with kidos are going to have to veto these kind of dinners from now on. I think it'd be fun if it was just the adults...but with kids it's not. I sit by the girls everytime(which is NOT a big deal). BUT what is the point in going to dinner with my family if you can't socialize with anyone? Kinda defeats the purpose of going to dinner for fathers day in my eyes!

Anyway, as usual, Hannah & Allison had a great time...ate a little food...played a bit and i'm sure annoyed the poor waiters. But like i said, we've learned our lesson...and from now on it's going to be a bbq @ someones house for special more going out to these fancy dinners!

A pic of my dad with Hannah, Sarah & Allison!
This one is really good of Hannah smiling!
Dad & Sam! Yeah, not sure what's going on with Dad's tongue...not all that cute! LOL!!

Sam with the napkin on her head...anything to entertain the kidos at dinner!

The poor girls got so bored they were playing hide and seek. See Allison in the yellow dress on the floor! LOL!
My mom, dad & Sam!
Sarah with the napkin on her head!
Uncle jeff & Sarah!
Hannah & Allison! They are just soo cute together! It's soo nice that they are soo close in age...they are only 3 months apart! Look at the LOVE THEY HAVE FOR EACH OTHER!!

My mom & Dad and Sam on left, Sarah on right!
Mom & Dad and all the grandkids!
Hannah and Allison with napkin on her head!
Who's under those napkins???
Here's a funny story. We were on the way home from dinner...and a block away from home and we saw this precious dog running down the street! He was running down the busy busy street and i told Paul to pull over. By the time we stopped...he had to go around the block and we pulled over in a parking lot on the busy street. I called him over and he came RUNNING and leaped into my arms! He was soo precious! I held him all the way home and we called his owner who actually lived at the corner of our neighborhood! It took him THIRTY MINUTES to come over and get him...i should have just taken off his collar and kept him! LOL! OK, just kidding! But he was soo cute!

He was soo well's sam giving him some water! Sam loved little Milo! The only thing we didn't like was that he was MARKING everything in our backyard! NOTE TO SELF...never EVER buy a boy dog...they pee everywhere! He was soo sweet...little Milo! Note to owner: if I FIND this puppy again running down the busy street...i'm KEEPING HIM NEXT TIME! Ok, just kidding again!


Harris Boys said...

aww happy father's day to your hubby and dad. hope they had a wonderful day. I love the napkin trip, it works all the time. We have also started to tell my hubby's parents we don't want to eat out anymore. We can't enjoy our food...have a great week Brenda, any more fun places your taking the girls this week. You always seem to have something in the

Susan M. Heim said...

I know how you feel about trying to eat at a restaurant with the kids. It's just not relaxing! I have four-year-old twins, and they've only been to a restaurant once!! It's just not worth the hassle. We figure we have plenty of years ahead of us to enjoy restaurants. For now, we're going to enjoy being with our kids!

Carrie & Brook said...

What is that big pile of "stuff"? Whatever it is....I WANT SOME!!! :)

I agree completely about the kids and restaurant thing. It's just not worth it. Although we do try to go out to breakfast or lunch on the weekends, it is just to a cafe-type place so we aren't there too long. The nice restaurant days were over once they stopped sleeping in there infant seats.

It looks like the girls did amazingly well, though, for having to sit through a 2-hour dinner!