Thursday, June 12, 2008

My 21st Birthday..Plus 11!

Yeah, so i'm 32 today! YIKES! That means one year closer to 35...and 8 years away from the big 4-0! Holy smokes i can't believe i'm that old! The best part in all this is that i don't feel a day over 21! Despite the fact that i have 3 kidos and a ton of HIDDEN gray hair(thank goodness for the person that invented highlights)...i don't look a day over...well, 21! The best part is that through all the stress...i'm really not aging as bad as i thought i would with 3 crazy kidos running through my house. LOL!

I've truly had a nice, peaceful great birthday!

Paul got up early(4am or so) and made me some really nice mini cupcakes in our brand new toaster oven(thanks again, to American home shield, who has this crappy company coming to fix our brand new oven...2 weeks and counting...said they had to order a part..i won't hold my breath) and gave me a nice amex gift card so i can buy whatever i want. I haven't decided where to use it yet...but he said i better do it soon since they actually charge 3 dollars a month until you use it. Kinda annoying...but it's a cool card, they'll take anywhere they take amex. So i'm now i'm trying to decide if i want some new clothes..or a new wallet for my purse.

Hannah made me the sweetest card last night while i was cooking and they were doing arts and crafts...and all the girls all gave me a 25.00 gift card to STARBUCKS! YAHOO!

Hannah is just so funny. We've been talking about my birthday for a couple of days now and also talking about her's, which is coming up pretty soon. I've been trying to get her to sing the "happy birthday song" correctly b/c she doesn't really know the whole song. Well yesterday, we were playing around and she started singing it...and here is what she sang to me. "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Brenda!" I told her no hunny, you have to call me Mommy! She said..."well, isn't your name Brenda?" Yes, but you need to call me Mommy! Then she said "well, Allison calls you Brenda, so i can too." UGH! How do you explain to a 3 .5 year old that Allison calls me Brenda b/c i'm her aunt Brenda...not her mommy?? LOL! Oh, the things kids say these days. It's so funny, cute and so innocent.

Anyway, to get back to my story. So as we did their arts and crafts yesterday, she said she was going to make me a card. She LOVES LOVES LOVES making cards for people. She hands them out ALL the time. She even made one for Melody and her girls a while back and even remembered to take it to the oil ranch to give it to her, since she knew we were going to see her there! Anyway, she made me a card and folded it all up nice and neatly and then hid it. I didn't even know till this morning. I guess when Paul got home last night she pulled it out from behind the t.v. and gave it to him to give to me with my other birthday presents. HOW CUTE IS THAT?

Well, all in all my day was great. Paul and i had a nice peaceful Mexican lunch. There went my diet for the day...but that is OK b/c it's my birthday! :)

Think that's all for now...Thanks to my sweet hubby and beautiful precious daughters for making my birthday very special this year!!!! This year, i had a much better birthday, than last year. Don't get me birthday last year was nice. Just not peaceful and very stressful.

If you go back one year at this time...Julia's mom had just come in from Brazil, Julia wrecked my suburban WITH Hannah in the car...then tried to BLAME it on my not even 3 year old saying that she was crying for water so she had to turn around to give it to her while driving(while her mother was in the car with her...UM..HELLO...Couldn't your MOM give it to her anyway????) Then to top that off, she let her other Brazilian au pairs little boy(the au pair was babysitting for) crawl in the front passenger seat and he got a hold of a pen and drew(is that a word) all over my leather passenger seat(note to others...if you get pen on a leather seat do NOT use the magic eraser mr clean things if your seat is takes the texture off). Yeah, that didn't make for a good day for Julia. She had to come home, on her first day of actual vacation, to tell me, she wrecked my car...slammed in to the back of her friends car(the ONE FRIEND i ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT STAND B/C this girl, Jessica, had lied to me on the phone one night when she called our house at 11pm and woke my babies up a month or two after the girls were born...that's a whole other story i will tell sometime later). Anyway, Julia hit Jessica's car from the back. Jessica's car also included FOUR other kids...OMG...i was FURIOUS! SO, i was without a car(which was NOT impt)...was out lots of money and DONE with her b/c she put my daughter in danger...and FOUR other kids along with Hannah. I fired her while she was on vacation! AND Believe me...i felt like i had just had one thousand pounds lifted off my shoulders the day she packed her bags and headed off to Michigan! LOL! The best part of the whole thing was...she HATED HATED the cold...Boy, was she in for the shock of her life when winter hit in Michigan! LOL! She thought it was cold in TEXAS...NOT even close. Ahh...that's when Karma comes to bite you in the arse! LOL! Another note to self, DO NOT take any pity workers from now on...we actually took Julia from another family a few miles up the road b/c the lady had had enough of her and booted her. The au pair lady in charge was full of a bunch of BS and gave me this sob story...i learned a lesson there. Until you actually talk to someone...don't rely on second hand info...i still don't know the real story why she was booted out of the first house, but i guess that should have been a sign not to take her! At the time, we were so desperate to have someone here to help us...we weren't thinking straight.

SO, THAT was also the first day of my life alone without any help...and boy it was NICE! I could walk around in my pj's all day...not worry about her immature friends calling at all hours of the night...not worry about her taking Pauls truck out and putting TONS of miles on it and then Poor Paul not having the courage to make her pay more for gas...not worry about all the food i'd have to have b/c she was eating for 2 or 3(ok, i know, kinda rude...but her eating as much as she did didn't help the ordeal), and i could go on and on!

Anyway, this year is so much nicer. I got the best of both worlds. I was able to spend some fun time with my girls...and then i was able to have a few hours of peace and quiet, as well as lunch with my awesome hubby! Can i just say how much better my bday was this year. It wasn't all about the presents..or cupcakes(although they were really really yummy), or any amount of money spent...this year it was about my family and a little bit of peace and quiet. :)

Have a great evening! O yeah TGIAF(thank goodness it's almost FRIDAY)! :)


BoufMom9 said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!
I know just what you mean...I just about FREAKED this year when I turned 36...just because I am that much closer to 40 and that much further from 30. UGH!

Glad you had a GREAT birthday!

ps I remember that story from you birthday. Have I been reading your blog for a year????

Lisa & Gerald said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!
Glad to hear you had a great Birthday !
Hey you look great girl!