Friday, June 20, 2008

Re-naming blog soon!!!

I'm really contemplating re-naming my blog(i would never make it private b/c i LOVE LOVE LOVE sharing MY life with twins plus one, and i'm proud to be a mommy of twins and everyone in TX gets to see it first hand when we're why shouldn't i share it with everyone else??). We are not just the myerstwins anymore though...Uh, we weren't just the myerstwins before, we are the myersgirls or themyersfamily or themyersthree! LOL! Anyway, i named my blog themyerstwins to begin with b/c it had really just been a baby book for me to copy and stick inside the twins actual baby book. Now that this has really turned into our whole life of 3 girls...i'm going to rename it soon. I don't want to do it overnight...b/c i don't want to loose any of my wonderful readers. SO, i just want everyone to have a heads up now, so when it happens ya'll know where to go. I think you can just Re-name it...but if you go to the old one it won't re-route you to the new one(darn blogger). So as i get more info or the time gets closer i will let everyone know.

Have a Happy Friday!

P.S. our house is entirely contanimated with a summer cold...if you are anywhere in the vicinity of Houston...Stay AWAY from us! We are all snotty, grumpy and just not feeling very well!


Carrie & Brook said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well! Get better soon!

I don't have a blogroll, so I always just type in your blog name....almost 99% of the time, I type in some variation of and I always get the wrong address. It usually comes up with the boy twins blog.