Sunday, June 15, 2008


For fathers day i bought Paul some of these really cool BLUE cup cakes since the girls are really getting into eating them lately. Anyway, here are some of the pics. LOL! It was all fun and games till mommy had to clean it up!

On another note: real quickly, can you please keep our dog gracye in your thoughts today. She pulled or tore a muscle or ligament or something a while back. Honestly, i thought it was just arthritis at first. But she is limping on three legs and really doesn't like to use the fourth leg. We took her to the vet a while back..she gave us some ibuprofin a while back and said if it didn't help we needed to take her to the "BIG DOGS"..yes, pun intended on that one. Anyway, today Paul takes her in to Gulf Coast Vet for a check with a specialist. Then if the dr. gives us the go ahead we'll have her scoped to see what the real problem is...after that we have to make some decisions. Gracye has been with us since she was 6 weeks old(she'll be 6 in Dec) and we love her to death. She was our first baby..but since having babies it's hard to make tough decisions on surgery for a dog over our children, money wise. SO, we're hoping it's not as bad as our original dr. thought...and something that can be fixed. If they don't guarantee that the surgery will indeed fix the problem...we're going to have to make some big decisions...because i can't justify spending money on an operation that could or could NOT work. Plus, how could we put Gracye through a surgery if the dr. couldn't guarantee it'd fix her leg. If they can't fix it...we'll have to make some decisions that we don't want to think about. So, let's just hope for the best. Plus the girls LOVE LOVE LOVE Gracye soo much and with her in so much pain it's hard for her because they hurt her just crawling on her. Plus they love to chase her around all the time...Poor Gracye!

On a brighter note: here are the pics! I started to add them last night...but i couldn't add the last five...darn blogger!

Sarah was soo careful...Gracye finally snatched her first BLUE cup Cake and ate the paper and all! This was her second cup cake! Sugar with a blue nose!

Sarah with blue and yellow face! Happy Baby! Sam with BLUE all over the place! She held on to her cup cake forever...
Sarah showing off her hands!

Mommy attacked Daddy with the blue! Bad idea! And then i just gave in b/c there was no use in running...he was going to get me either way! LOL!

Then Hannah got it too!
One more of daddy...he looks like an indian with make up on his nose...It was totally worth it!

This was the beginning...all nice and clean!

Hannah licking the little plastic things in the cup cakes!
Yummy icing!
Sam a little bit dirty!


Jamie said...

How much fun does that look like??? We have yet to have an icing fight. .. mini marshmellos on the other hand, those ROCK! The kids giggle like fools with those!!!!

I'll be thinking about your poor puppy. I hope you get some good news!!!

Carrie & Brook said...

WOW! So...did that stain or what? :)

Carrie & Brook said...

I'm sorry to hear about Grayce. I'll be thinking good thoughts for her (and you all!) today.

TONYA said...

LOL - I just love all of your cupcake icing covered faces.

I'll say an extra little prayer for your puppy. I hope the surgery can fix her :)

BoufMom9 said...

They are so cute! You should enter these pics in that contest on Twinsights for messiest eaters!
:) Debi