Monday, June 16, 2008

Gracye is going to be OK!

She's having surgery tomorrow morning and then we'll pick her up Wednesday. The dr. said there is a 95% success rate and that she should be fine. The surgery itself is kinda pricy(keep in mind the dr. that is operating on her also operated on President Bush Sr.'s dog..perhaps THAT is what we're paying for??)..but since she will come out of it fine, we opted to go ahead and do it. She'll have a metal plate in her leg!

Here's the kicker...we have to keep her calm for EIGHT WEEKS! HOLY do you keep a dog calm for EIGHT WEEKS?? Um..can we have some kind of meds to keep her sedated for that long and keep the girls off of her too! It's going to be a very interesting 8 weeks!

Here's a pic of her xray!

Also, after the surgery, we get a copy of the acutal surgery i can post on my blog...hmmm...maybe neat..maybe yucky, i don't know yet!


BoufMom9 said...

OH! Poor Gracie!
Our dog Molly had her hip replaced a few years ago when she jumped the fence and was hit by a car.
$3000 later, she still jumps the fence. LOL

Carrie & Brook said...

Glad that she is going to be ok...but keeping her "calm" for 8 weeks. That should be...interesting! My friends St. Bernard (200 lbs+) just had surgery for a torn ACL--it was nearly $5500. And I bet you a dollar that this vet didn't operate on Bush's pup.