Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Secret Sorrority within a Secret Sorrority & Happy 18 months to my Baby Girls!!

Sarah & Samantha are slowly developing this bond that I will never know. They were one at conception and became two within a few days. It's an amazing thing, that no scientists can figure out. Today, as i was watching them truly amazed me! The whole twin thing amazes me each and everyday. I get teary eyed thinking about how lucky i am to have these two...NO THREE beautiful, healthy daughters. Two, of which look exactly alike, have the exact same hair color, the exact same eye color, exact same facial features(except for their head size), and everything about them is mostly the same except for that one little nick on Sams ear that has helped us ID her since she was born. They are really the same in every feature, but yet have two very different personalities. Two, 18 month old toddlers, TODAY! WOW, that sounds so crazy. If you had asked me 10 years ago if i wanted twins..honestly i would have said NO WAY! Yes, i was just as ignorant as the people with all the funny and some rude comments say to me now. I didn't know any better. But now, 10 years later, watching my girls grow up is crazy fun!

Today for instance, they were sitting in the kitchen while i was cutting up breakfast...giggling and playing. They don't talk in sentences...but yet, somehow, you can tell they know what each other is saying to the other. They UNDERSTAND each other. They just go together like peas and peas. HA HA! I guess i should say, peas and carrotts...but that wouldn't be identical would it? Anyway, watching them play and interact is something i will cherish forever. Of course, i will also remember the biting, fighting and hitting...and boy will i remind them about the BITING. Poor little Sam has scars to show the amount of bites she's received...while sweet little Sarah seems to always get away scott free...but do not feel sorry for poor Sam. SHE was actually the one that began and the instigator of the biting MONTHS ago. She would bite Sarah constantly and i felt so sorry. NOW, she's just retaliating for the past few months.

All kidding and biting aside, there are times i'm even jealous of the girls. What would it be like if i had been a identical twin? What would it have been like if i had a BFF that was also my twin sister? How lucky are THEY? Pretty darn lucky from my stand point. They will have someone beside them for everything and forever. A built in playmate plus one(Hannah). A sister to hold their hand as they both enter in to the first day of school. Someone to help them do their homework. Someone to sleep with every night if they want. Someone to share clothes with...and probably bras and shoes too! O, how i would have loved to have double the clothes to choose from when i was in school! Someone to talk to, when mommy and daddy don't want to hear about the boys they like, or kissed for that matter! :)

BUT, although i wasn't as lucky as they are...i get to see it first hand. I get to be there to walk them in to their first day of school. I get to proudly say that yes, i'm their mom..."The TWINS" mommy! That's what everyone calls me in Hannah's class already! It's the cutest thing ever. And boy, is Hannah proud of her sisters! She tells EVERYONE we meet...EVERYONE..."I have TWO sisters, Sarah & Samantha". What a great big sister she is to them.

If you were wondering why i titled my blog...the secret sorrority within a sorrority. It's really for a good reason. The reason being, the girls get to have their little "secret sorrority" and in return i get to join in on a secret sorrority myself. My MOMS group. I could go on and on about how unbelievable these ladies they've helped me in so many many friends i've met and will probably know much MONEY i've saved buying second hand items from these wonderful ladies...and how i've rekindled a friendship with a great friend, whom i hadn't seen in years. Melody, my girlfriend, my twin pregnancy buddy, and now my MOM buddy and most of all My PHONE BUDDY! LOL! We talk on the phone AT LEAST once a day..about all sorts of stuff. She's my ear and i'm hers. Although we walked different journeys on the way here...we are now back on the same journey. Her girls are doing great(thank goodness) and 18 months later they can all four play together. What an amazing journey..have i already said that a few times?

On top of all these great things...there are a few things i get in return(payment in a way, for all the crying, fussing, plate throwing, and everything else i have to endure). Double kisses. Double "I love you's", Double the smiles, double home made hand prints from school(well really triple of everything) and most importantly..triple the love. How cool is that for me?

It's funny, because when i was young...twins never really seemed to mean much to me. Yeah, their were twins in some of my classes...but now that i have twins..i DO remember it all much better. The twins did stick out like a sore thumb. I remember this one set of identical twins in middle school...they weren't very cute. Kinda greasy looking...straight light brown hair...and as skinny as stick(dear Lord, please forgive me for the rudeness in the above comments). But, i remember them. And, even though they weren't very cute, they were VERY popular. Everyone knew who they were...their names, etc. AND then there were Brent and Trent. I went to high school with these guys and they WERE the hit of the school. Cute, blonde hair, blue eyes, total kicker(if your not from TX, kicker is a wanna be cowboy, LOL) and every girl in the school wanted to date them...or just hang out with them. Yep, me included..but then they ended up hanging with the bad crowd and started getting in trouble ALL the time. NOT my cup of tea. But, they still stick out like a sore thumb...because even thought they were 14 or 15 when we started high school and we all knew them for 4 years..the only way anyone could tell them apart was by the little scar brent had on his head..and their personalities. Brent was nice, Trent was a MAJOR jerk! Now, i wonder if my girls will be remembered as the identical twins...the myers twins.

It's an amazing really is like being a star! But don't get me wrong, you may feel like a star because everyone is staring...but that's about as far as the star treatment goes in my book.

The road to my 18 month old twins was not always and is not always a easy road to ride on. We've had many ups and downs. Many days of wondering how we made it through and didn't need a 12 pack of beer and some eary plugs to block out the crying and whining x's2...or x'3 sometimes! Many days where i would just have to walk outside and get a breath of fresh air...or i was going to pull my hair out. Believe me, it's not all glitz and glam like some make it out to be. I have cried my share of tears and then some more. I have lost my share of sleep from the crying at night from teeth coming in x's two. I've slept on my couch, my fair share of keep my sick child from waking up the other two kidos. I've also lost and gained a few friends along the way. I've also come to grips with my own family situations these past 18 months. But through the darkness and sadness of my family situation and the fact that my parents(who by the way live maybe 5 miles away) don't help out, don't call much and really just don't care about my three beautiful daughter. They only care to tell their friends all about their grandchildren...the ones they see very rarely. As a matter of fact, they came over for the first time in months last weekend to have dinner for my birthday...i was truly surprised the girls wanted anything to do with them.

Anyway, this isn't a bitch about my parents post. I'll save that for another day. Oh wait, i've already written about it...i just don't publish some posts because they aren't very nice, kind and actually kinda embarassing to me. So we'll leave it all alone and move on.

Anyway, Happy 18 month birthday to two of my three favorite girls! It's been one crazy ride, the past 18 months, but i wouldn't change it for the world! I love you both more than words can describe. You two and Hannah(and we can't forget Paul) LOL, are the light of my life. I couldn't imgaine how silent my life would be without ya'll(well, some days i could). As much as the crying and whining drives me crazy....your smiles and kisses all make up for that and then some. I am forever greatful for all the fond memories i have from all three of my daughters...and i can't wait to make more memories in the years to come.

I love you Always,
MOM, mommy or as Hannah calls me...BRENDA! LOL!


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