Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Poor Hannah

Today our day went something like this.

Went to open front blind in big window in dining room so girls could all wave as daddy left for work. This is our morning ritual. This time i opened the darn thing too far up and BOOM! It hit Hannah on the head. Luckily i saw it falling and caught 3/4ths of it before it hit her head. LUCKILY, the girls hadn't made it to the front window yet to wave. This darn blind has fallen on me THREE times now..we can't seem to find a new one b/c the window is soo big you can't find a lighter version of the blind.

Rush to get the girls fed, ready for school and Hannah dressed in her swim suit for her water day.

My plan was to take the girls to school. Take Hannah to the dr. for her little blister on her foot that has been there for MONTHS. Then take her back to school in time for Water day, which started at 11am! That is not quite what happened.

We dropped the girls off at school. Got to the dr. around 915a. They took us right back as usual. The dr. took a look and decided right away to send her to a pedi podiatrist down the street. She rushed to call and see if we could be fit in today. They were very nice and said to come right away as they had some openings in the morning. It was only a few minutes before that i had found out from the nurse that Hannah actually had a temp of 100.1! WHAT? So now, our plans to take her back to school were sunk. So the dr. gave me a script for a z-pac and then we rushed on over to the pedi podiatrist to see what we could find out. He was a very nice middle age guy...very gentle and let Hannah touch everything he was going to use on her foot. They did 3 -xrays just to be safe and make sure it wasn't anything coming from the inside out. He peeled off the skin that i had started to peel off a few days ago after Hannah had scraped the blister like thing on something in the house. She DID NOT LIKE that. She was crying and crying. He finally said he honestly couldn't figure out for sure what it was. He said in a normal case he'd just stick a needle down in it..with a local anethestic and the shave/laser it off. BUT, as she was already so upset and a small child..he wanted to try a hard core anti-biotic and some soaking in salt water first. Along with that he put some silver nitrate on it. We made an appt to go back next week to see if it's better. I'm going to bust my keister to do what i can to make it better because if this doesn't help we move to the next step. That step consists of going down to the hospital, giving her gas to put her under, then sticking the needle in and lasering it off. YIKES! That just doesn't sound like fun to me. Poor baby! She was such a trooper! She really fought back the tears...and i held her tight while he was poking, proding, scraping and pushing! It HAD to hurt.

We then went to target for a little shopping spree. We got some crayons for the bathtub...some lipstick(which always makes her happy) and a few other things off the SALE END CORNERS! AWESOME! You know...i never really noticed the end corners until i read that article. I don't think i paid full price for anything except for the 2 potties i had to buy & her kiddie lipstick! The potties were the REAL reason i went to target in the first place. We really need two potties so we can start potty training. I have one, BUT we parents of multiples know how that goes...you just can't have ONE of one potty and ONE of another potty...or it's going to be a fight i just don't want to fight over and OVER again! So i got two of the same! It sounds like a waste...buying two potties and all...but it really will save ME a TON of grief! I don't know where i'm going to put them yet...proabably in my bathroom for now. What we've been doing is getting them naked for bath and putting them on the potty! Of course, this is fun. I plop one child at a time on the potty...and then when she gets bored and ready to get in the tub i put the other one on it. As i plop the first one in the bath..she pees in the tub about 99.9% of the time. Then i have to drain all the water out and start over from scratch! NICE RIGHT?

Anyway, for your viewing enjoyment...pics of Hannah boo boo! Well maybe not enjoyment..but documentation for me. :)

It's not really as bad as it looks...that silver nitrate on top. Also, nice shoes right? Got em' on sale for 6.48 from 12.99! GOTTA LOVE TARGET!!!!


jay_say said...

OUCH! Almost looks like a wart... did he say anything about that?

Harris Boys said...

omg poor thing...it looks like it hurts but that's probably b/c its all red...Hope its nothing and just falls off on its on. what a way to start your day though, sorry she missed water day :(

how are sam and sarah doing?

hope you all are having a nice week, thanks for all the sweet comments (always)

Jamie said...

Awww! Poor Hannah!!! That sounds like a rough day for a kiddo!!! I hope that it heals on its own so that you don't have to go to the next step! And I hope tomorrow is better for ya!

BoufMom9 said...

OH! Poor Hannah! That looks yucky!
Glad the doc was so good about everything and hoping the meds and soaking work!
:) Debi
ps Well done on the Target scores!!!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Hope Hannah feeling better soon!!
She's a strong girl!
Thanks for the birthday wishes!Megan had a wonderful day!

Brad & Alyssa said...

Poor Hannah!!! I feel so bad for her. Hopefully her owie will heal up fast.

We have some horrible curtains on our patio door. But we decided to "try" to make them work until the kids are older and don't ruin new ones!

I hope the potty training goes good! I keep thinking that I should buy potties someday but haven't. Definitely by age 2 I WILL have potties. Wow--that is going to be the best having no kids in diapers!!!

Carrie & Brook said...

Wow! I hope that Hannah's blister goes away STAT! The "next step" does not sound fun AT. ALL. I'm glad to hear that she was a trooper through the exam!

Potties already? Man...I don't even want to think about that. Can't we just skip right to the "already trained" days? I hope that you are going to take notes, because I'll need some advice this winter!