Friday, June 13, 2008

Another great day in Someone's Neighborhood! LOL!!

We had a great morning out at the splash pad again! This time Melody, Anseli & I decided at the last minute to get together. Luckily the Sears guy showed up really early(very surprised about that) and so did the termite inspection guy! SO, we headed off to the splash pad for some fun in the sun. It was so much fun...and since Mel missed out on Monday, it was nice to see Katelyn and Sydney as always! We also had fun playing with Anseli's little boys, Carlos & David...who by the way, are going to be MAJOR heart breakers and kissers one day! LOL! They love to kiss the girls's so cute(as long as daddy's not around)! HA HA! Anyway, we played and played and just hung out.

Sydney in the middle..look at those CUTE swim suits!
Hannah was playing with Sydney!Everyone having fun in the water!Katelyn is not scared of anything...she did great playing in the rough water! Sydney on left, Katelyn on the right!Hannah, Sydney, Melody & Anseli in the background!Sam, Sydney Sarah, Hannah & Katelyn in the background!We took a walk out to the lake! Hannah up in front with the girls!More snacks for the kidos!
Sam on left, Sarah on right!WEEE!!!! Too bad their butts get stuck to the plastic and it's hard to slide...they always end up walking down the slide...probably not very safe but that's life! Out on the lake with the kidos! AHHH..this is why i LOVE the burbs! They all have nice little lakes in the middle of was gorgeous!
One day we'll live out in the burbs...One day! More water play with one of the twins and Sydney!
Sarah & Sydney playing in the water!

I think i need to buy a more fuel efficient car for play dates as the gas is up to 3.97 and I'm driving somewhere pretty much everyday now! UGH! Luckily, Melody and most of my MOM friends don't live TOO far it's not horrible. I think it actually only took about 20 minutes to get there that's not that bad despite the fact that my car is a GAS GUZZLER!

The kidos all loved this little water thing..until it started spraying like a car wash! Talking about one POWERFUL water sprayer!
Another pic...if you look closely...Sarah is holding Hannah's hand! SOO CUTE!

BTW...i think i found my future neighborhood...the neighborhood we sneak into is AWESOME and i think pretty cheap comparatively! I'm going to have to take Paul out there one day so he can see what we can get for our money out there v/s our house in the city!

Sarah, Hannah, Sam & David

We got home about 1p, had a late late lunch and took a nice long nap. When the girls got up i asked Hannah what her favorite part of the trip was, she said "dumping water all over Melody". Yeah, that's what i though. NOW Melody knows a bit about what it's going to be like having a 4 year old...but she'll have TWO at the same time! LOL! Poor Melody was wearing white shorts and Hannah got sneaky and took an entire bucket of water(mind you, she had already been chasing poor Melody around shooting her with the water guns Melody brought herself) and threw the water at Melody. She was wearing white shorts...poor girl! Good thing it was just us girls there...and Anseli's boys, because you know what happens when you wear white and get doused in's like having a wet t-shirt contest but your butt is showing instead of your chest!! Sorry Mel, but it really WAS hilarious. Even though i may not have any control over my children every once in a while! LOL!


BoufMom9 said...

LOL about the shorts! How embarassing!
Looks like another great day! How awesome! I wish i lived there too!!!!

The Collins Family said...

Hey! Nice to "meet" you! Thanks for the baby powder trick - I can't wait to try it!

I can not believe that I found a blog by a google search and you found me there and Debi still beats me to the comment...that woman is e.ver.y.where!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Im glad you had a great day with the girls! I always love fun in the sun! With my girls!

jay_say said...

Hi there... I followed your message from a post on raising identical twins: matthew and Jonathan. My twins' names are Matthew and Jonathon. I also have another little boy, Christopher, who is sixteen months old.

Hope you don't mind.


Cheryl Lage said...

There is just something WAY too adorable about toddlers and water play! :) Precious! Enjoy the summer!