Monday, June 16, 2008

47 States & 28 COUNTRIES!!

I have google analytics...which is where you can tell which states and cities give you hits on your blog! I was so excited when i saw that people from TWENTY EIGHT COUNTRIES have checked my blog! And wow...47 out of 50 states isn't too shabby itself! Just wanted to post this so i can remember it later!

Update: new mexico, north dakota and mississippi have NOT had any hits! Also, to whom ever is from Poland...i'd love a comment(even in polish)! I'm polish and proud!


Carrie & Brook said...

Just curious what 3 states haven't viewed your blog?

28 countries! You're famous!

Don't you wish all of the people who read your blog would comment so you knew where they were?

Harris Boys said...

so cool brenda!! I may need to check that out..I just saw on my map thing that a person from africa checked out my cool huh???

BoufMom9 said...

I just recently has someone in Russia read mine! That was a first! I had never had anyone from that part of the world!
It's pretty cool, huh?

Lisa & Gerald said...

Hehehehe bet you see a lot of St.Thomas Ont Canada
I love your blog so much! Im always checking to read your new posts, Always love reading them !