Monday, June 09, 2008

Personalities Blooming and Vocabulary Growing Quickly!

The girls personalities are blooming day by day! Most importantly we haven't had an attack "BITE" in almost a week! It's almost like she'd given up...could it be b/c i started to bite her back? I know, i know...i probably shouldn't have done that. I hope that's not considered child abuse...but i honestly didn't know what else to do. I only bit her twice...and both times i didn't bite Sarah very hard...just hard enough to know that i know she bit her sister...and give her a little feeling of what poor Sam was feeling. I think it actually did the trick though. She hasn't bit her since then.

The fighting is getting better slowly too. Now in lieu of biting Sam they push each other back and forth. One will run up to the other..and shove the other. I think shoving back and forth is something every kid maybe we're out of the aggressive phase.

Sarah's personality is blooming so quickly. She is the sweet one...that has that little grin that makes you melt. BUT, sometimes you know deep down she's getting ready to do something she's not allowed to do. She's so funny, she'll look at you and smile and then chunk food over her high chair. She is also my little Houdini. She can get out of ANY belt...not her seat belt but the choo choo wagon & her high chair seat belt. It really scares me b/c i'll leave her for two seconds to go in the kitchen while she's in her high chair and i turn around and she's standing in her high chair. I tell her "NO, we don't stand in our high chairs"...what does she do you might wonder? She smiles and giggles at me.

Sarah is also the talker of the two. She says tons of words. BUT, the most important thing she's said so far was just this morning. I got so excited! Hannah came into the bathroom while i was blow drying my hair and said : "mommy, i smell poo poo...someone has pooh." I was just getting ready to walk out the door and check and see when Sarah walks up to me and point at and kinda grabs her diaper and say, "Pooh poo." I know it sounds goofy...but i was SOOO excited! I think that's the first sign that she's starting to get ready to potty train! Oh, how happy the day will be...when they are both potty trained! Talking about saving some major money! O yeah, Sarah is right handed. Sarah calls Sam, "Mantha"...but she's getting closer and closer to saying her entire name. She loves animals and watching out the window in the front room for "bird". She will point and say "BIRD, BIRD", it's soo cute. Sarah loves chasing Sam around..and will provoke her in anyway she can to get her to run from her so she can chase her.

Samantha, is my sweetie. She still favors Paul...and Sarah favors me. I'm sure b/c we still feed the same baby at night and in the morning...that we've fed since they were born. She's very particular and hard headed. She likes things done a certain way and if you don't do them her way...she won't take it. She's not talking as much as Sarah...but when i make her say a word..she will. And then there are days when she'll say tons of words on her own without me making her repeat me. Once again, i think she's stubborn. Sam is very sweet and loving and always the one to get beat up by Sarah...and always the clumsy one. Sam is left handed just like Hannah & Paul..isn't that weird? Three lefties and two righties? How does that happen? I can totally tell Sam is left handed, she does everything with her left hand. If i say something, she'll try to use her other can just tell it's not as easy for her. Sam loves to jump and land on her butt. Sam loves her babies and covers. She has to have two babies at night to sleep with...and her cover. She is also the one that will climb up on something and go to sleep. BUT, she is also a very early riser. She is always the first one to get up in the morning...i can finally decipher who is who without opening the's always Sam.

Last but not least, my first born Hannah, is starting to get ready for school! I can't believe she's starting Pre-K this year. It's weird and hasn't set in yet...but i'm really going to miss her since she'll be going to school everyday. She can count to 10 and knows her abc's just fine, but only if there is some incentive. Like the other day, i asked her to count out some M & M's i bought for our trip that we didn't eat. She said, 1,2,3,6,7,8,9,10. I told her no, she missed a few numbers. I said, if you count them correctly i'll give you FOUR more. Low and behold, she counted them just fine with the 4 extra incentive. Do you think she's taking after her mother ALREADY? LOL! She's all about the extra incentive. I worry about that in some ways...but in other way's i know she knows her stuff...i guess it's just laziness. The good thing is that in school...she won't have a i'm sure she'll be A OK! She is such a delight and so precious. Of course i say that, because she really does look like me. The twins...well, they are beautiful, blonde hair/blue blue eyes..but they favor Paul all the i guess i'm a bit jealous that he has 2 that look like him and i only have ONE! LOL!

Back to Hannah, she is very smart...and talks like an adult. Lately, we've been working on her manners. She is doing much better. She used to want to talk to someone and just say "hey, hey, hey" to get their attention. Now, Paul and I make sure to remind her to say, "excuse me, mam or sir." She's doing much better. I have to remind her a lot...but she'll catch on sooner or's not something that a child learns on their's all about working with her and reminding her. Hannah is also very very funny. Of course, she's 4 so what do you expect? She doesn't keep quiet about anything. She can't keep a "secret" and will tell anyone anything. One day i almost hid under the table...we were at chilis eating and a very large overweight man walked he was walking by she totally pointed and yelled..."look at that fat man". OMG, i was embarrassed...i'm 100% sure he didn't hear, Thank goodness. It's things like that you have to teach a child. She didn't know any better...but we immediately told her that you don't say those kind of things...that's not nice. All the bathroom jokes and stories about pooping that you read are all so true. Just Friday, we went to our favorite peanut restaurant. She had to go poop as soon as we got there. I took her to the bathroom and she sat down...told me not to look at her as she was grunting like she just couldn't go. She finally pooped out a nertzel the size of a rabbit pellet...and then started laughing and waving her hand and said...hee heee...i'm stinking it up in her...i bet that girl next door is going to smell it. OMG, it was hilarious...but i had to keep my do kids learn this stuff??? Then of course, after that, you, as the parent, always have to do the walk of shame....walking out of the bathroom while the girl next door is washing her hands...after she heard your daughter talk about stinking it up...and then she ends up being the lady that is waiting on your table! NICE RIGHT? O, it's fun having a almost 4 year old. It keeps the humor going in our house.

Well that's all for now. I really need to enjoy these last few months of having Hannah at home with me. I've had her home with me for the past 4's going to be heart wrenching to drop her off at school EVERYDAY! She is such a big help...and i'm going to miss her more than i probably even realize right now. Of course, i'll stay busy with the twins...but my house is so full of kidos right's going to be an adjustment.

That's all for now! Have a great Monday!



Cheryl Lage said...

How grateful your babies will be that you have spent such time and thoughtfulness documenting (and appreciating!) their growth and accomplishments! Such fun to read!
Enjoy them!