Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Gracye Pics..

Update: You know i'm not even sure if i stated why Gracye needed surgery. She had a torn ACL...which i'm assuming is like a torn muscle. Labs are notorious for this because they are so wild and crazy. This probably could have been avoided if we didn't have such a big back yard. In MY own opinion i think that she has soo much room to run and play she gets carried away a lot! She will get going and her little legs go too fast. The good part is that once it's fixed, it's fixed for good b/c she has metal in her leg now(does that mean she can't go through the airport xray machines anymore??) LOL! NOT, that we have ever or will ever put her on a plane...i couldn't even imagine how much THAT would cost! They had to shave her on the top...on the right of her left leg and then as you can see the whole right leg.
You can see better on the pic above...right of her front left leg..the shaved underneath...I think one spot was for the epidural & the other for the IV.'s like a dog being operated on like a person... We received the itemized bill...they did blood pressure, meds, epidural, all sorts of stuff.
There she is...finally feeling a bit better.

Although she's getting better day by day...she's still not quite herself. She's acting a little goofy. I got home while ago and she seemed she wanted to go i put her on the leash as we were instructed to do. She was pulling and pulling me(even though she just had surgery, LABS are just STRONG DOGS). Anyway, she pulled me, as i was pulling back...all the way to my car and stopped and sat down and wanted to get in to go somewhere. I think she thought she was going up to the shop to be with Paul. She used to go up to the shop with Paul(pre-Hannah), EVERYDAY! She loved going up there...and had free reign of the whole place. Paul would just let her roam crazy b/c he has an acre in the back of his shop for enlargement. She would go up there, get all her energy out and then hide under his desk the rest of the day until someone walked in his office. Then she'd "attack" them and jump all over them and lick them with her stinky breath! :) It was all fun and games until someone that was scared of dogs would come in...then they'd freak out as she came barrelling towards the door to greet them. One time i remember specifically, we were hanging out at the front counter early in the morning. A lady walked in, you know the business woman kind, for sure a Mercedes or jag or maybe a BMW...and Gracye went barrelling at her the second she walked in...mind you she was behind the counter and then came around the corner. That lady probably soiled her pants, she ran out the door soo fast and pushed it shut and yelled at someone to get the dog before she'd come in...LOL! It was HILARIOUS! I almost peed my pants laughing. She was MAD...but it's Pauls if she had complained...who would she complain to??? HA HA! SOO FUNNY! Anyway, after Hannah was born and i stayed home and we lived inner city..i mean really in the city, i wanted her to stay home b/c i felt safer...esp after Pauls truck kept getting broken into, there was a burglary down the street where someone kicked in the front door and then finally someone actually stole Pauls truck out of our driveway. So, now she stays home(although, we have moved twice since then and we have sugar too and i feel a bit safer...but i know she misses the shop. BUT, that's life. She's here to protect us...not chase after people at Pauls shop all day!

Well that's all for now.

The girls are at school, so i'm going to do a bit of ebay selling today. One of my girlfriends just sold some James Avery jewelry on ebay and made some pretty good money. I went through my jewelry box yesterday and have a ton of stuff i don't wear anymore, so i'm going to ebay a bit myself. I cleaned everything up yesterday and let Hannah pick out a few pieces to keep for when she gets a little older and i'm going to get rid of the rest. I mean, what do i need a ton of jewelry for anymore? I don't work, we only go out to dinner once a week, and i won't go back to work until after the twins go to Pre-K. I also have a TON of clothes to sell...mostly 0-12 and maybe some 18 month clothes. I need to start cleaning out so i don't have to take SOO much stuff to our MOMS garage sale in OCT! I'll probably just sell lots of nice clothes on ebay for now and save the cheap clothes for the garage sale b/c no one ever wants to buy nice stuff at a garage sale(me included).

BTW: if you are interested in my james avery jewelry or baby clothes please leave me a note with your email address and i'll email you my ebay id. Kinda goofy...everyone knows soo much about me and i'm all weird about putting my ebay id on my blog...I guess i'm just funny about some things! LOL!


jay_say said...

What did the dog need surgery for? Sorry must have missed something...

Lisa & Gerald said...

Im glad she's feeling better!
She's looking good!

Jamie said...

I'm glad she's feeling better! I hope each day she continues to improve!

Shawn said...

Aw, what a sweetie.

About your day ... I had another one today. What is it about Thursdays? You may not want to read my latest post. LOL

Anyway, I do know these things ebb and flow so hoping you hit a stride of happiness and easy going for the weekend.

Me, too! But, now that I see your girls are just a couple weeks older than mine I think I completely get it.