Monday, June 02, 2008

Ruined Camera Count!

I had not mentioned it yet...but we ruined ANOTHER camera! Seriously, i don't know what is wrong with us and water. Somehow water dripped on to the NEW camera and it didn't ruin the pics when you took them on the just messed up the screen. There was a big x through the pic view on the camera. Anyway, Paul is a genius and saved BOTH of them. We bought some of that Damprid and stuck the cameras in it...and voila! SO, if you ever go on a beach vacation i say take the darn stuff with you...that way, if you drop a camera in the water...or it just somehow gets've got it ready to go. I had never really believed in the stuff before...but i have gone to a couple of home shows and you see people walking out with canister after canister of it. Too bad my dad didn't listen or believe Paul when Paul told him to use it when a pipe in their wooden quilt closet busted and the whole closet was ruined. Instead, he just put a fan in the thing...and i guess it did the trick. Either way this damprid would have done wonders for that it did for our cameras.

So, just to date, we are only down one total camera...and THAT camera was lost in Vegas pre wedding/pre baby, as we left it in a cab and the cabbie never brought it back to us! So, take note and make sure before you EVER get out of a cab you check everywhere to make sure you have picked up all your items...or you will never see them again! :)

On another note, here are a few pics of the t-shirts i bought for the girls and my niece, Allison! They are TOO cute! I can't wait to see them all wearing their new shirts!
These are pre-damprid! Our room at the hotel!Goofy pic of me after camera was dropped in water!


Jamie said...

I'm glad you were able to save your camera! I've never heard of damprid. I'll have to look into it!!! And the shirts for the girls are really cute!!!