Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hannah's Birthday & the Mothers of Multiples Meeting

Sorry it's been a while since i wrote last. Hannah's been sick for the past two weeks...so she's been home with me on Mothers Day out Days. She is finally well from her stomach virus so she'll go back to Mothers Day out Thursday.

The mothers of multiples meeting was great. We met a ton of people and every lady had their own story. Most good and all ended good either way. Every lady had a name tag with little feet and birth date. They were printed in the either pink or blue and with the amount of babies they had. I couldn't believe it, but even a lady that looked like she was in her mid 60ish was there to socialize. Melody and i both agreed it was kinda like a sorrority meeting. They read the minutes and then they have a group called the sunshine group that keeps up with all the pregnant moms and updates on progress. What we also found out is that if we become a member, which we definitely will, they have a group that will cook food for you one night after you come home from the hospital OR 2 ladies will come babysit you babies and let you have a night out. I think we'll take them up on watching the babies for a couple of hours for a night out on the town...but we'll see what happens. The group also has breast pumps to borrow and a TON of books you can borrow from their library. All in all the group is great and we've both decided this may be our one night a month out after the babies get here.

Next exciting piece of news...Hannah's 2nd birthday party. Luckily she was not sick that day and had a GREAT time with everyone. She got a ton of toys and lots of money for college. We had about 30 people come to the party and i got take out papasitos for the occasion and it turned out great. We had lots of food, cake, non alcoholic beer and candy! Plus, Paul bought Hannah one of those big jumper things and her present was a climbing/slide so she had a ton of toys outside to play with until the rain came down.

Lastly, we find out the sex of the babies in TWO DAYS!!! I'm soo excited. I'm sure they are girls...but you just never know. I have to say, i will probably have a heart attack on the table if he sees a pee pee or two on the ultra sound machine. Not that i don't want boys, because i'd love boys. But just because i'm sooo sure that they are girls just because i feel the same way i felt when i had Hannah.

Here are a couple of pics from Hannah's 2nd birthday party!

Don't you love how Jaymie(far right) is entertaining all the kidos with playdough! Thanks Jaymes....I'm looking forward to the day when i get to buy finger paints and playdough for your kidos! :)