Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Well It's Christmas eve and Paul and I decided to stay home and not go to my sisters for our annual Christmas Eve get together. We did send Hannah with My sister and i just called to check on her and she is having a BLAST. I feel bad not to be there with her...but i'm really trying to take it easy the next 1.5 days that i have left. I'm doing good so far and the good part is that my dr was out of town this weekend but said he'd be back monday so i'm pretty sure if something happened now he'd be able to deliver the girls. I just couldn't believe he had plans for the weekend with me being so pregnant! Just kidding!

I'm still in shock that it's so close. I talked to my friend Melody last night and both girls are finally home and doing fairly well. Katelyn has some major reflux problems but we are all hoping with time she'll grow out of it. She is on some medicine right now and a feeding tube through her nose as well. Melody really only uses the feeding tube at night because otherwise it takes her soo long to eat. Please pray for Katelyn and Melodys family that she gets better and out grows the reflux quickly.

Anyway I wanted to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and update one last time before the big day.