Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Twins are here!

The girls are finally here and doing great! I can hardly contain my happiness for my instant gigantic family. I just know the big guy upstairs was watching out for Paul, the girls and I. They are very healthy and probably eat more than Hannah eats which is really really exciting considering how hannah never wanted to eat and still doesn't really like to eat.

So far we were able to figure out who was who but now we're having a bit of problems because Sarah is starting to lighten up. We did find that Sarah has a little bump in her ear lobe and Sam doesn't have that will be our way of identifying them for a bit.

When they were born Sarah was really red/purple and we didn't really know why. My dr. came in yesterday morning and told me the reason she was so red and Samantha was so light was because they were getting the twin to twin transfusion. That is why my dr. always does the c-sections so early. He believes as he's stated that the problems are greater past 36 weeks.

Anyway thankfully we caught it before it was bad and the worst case seneraio would be that Sarah's billi would be elevated and have to be under the light for a bit. We should know the numbers sometime today.

I think that's it for now. I will write more after we get home from the hospital.