Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Well the GREAT news is we bought the house. We are sooo excited we can hardly wait to move in. We are going to do a couple of things before we move in but not much. The house is just lovely and perfect for our growing family. We will keep Ms. Hannah in the room downstairs by us till the au pair and babies come. Then we'll move Hannah upstairs with the au pair. I'm a little nervous about this just because my poor baby will be upstairs rather far away from me...but i think i'll get used to it. Anyway, we meet with the inspector today. We also have a fence guy coming thursday and a remodeling guy coming today to see if we can add on a bathroom and sun room and how much it would cost. I'll update the blog as soon as we have more information. O yes, we are planning on closing on aug 28th or 29th as the seller is moving to ireland August 30th. It's all just depening on the mortgage company and the title company.

We did meet the owner of the house on Saturday. We drove by on the way to lunch and they were all there cleaning and moving things out. Paul didn't want to stop and bother them, but on the way home i insisted he stop so he did. The owner of the house is such a nice lady. She is so calm and sweet. Paul just couldn't believe how calm she was considering she was moving out of the house she had lived in with her family for 17 yrs. I think i would have been a mess. She was so nice and inviting...welcoming us in her house and showing us all sorts of neat perks to the house. I really can't wait to move in. It's going to be so nice!

Also, Melody and i are going to the Mom's of Multiples group this thursday. We are both so excited. I hope she will be able to attend the next one but she is getting so big and starting to slow down a lot so we just don't know what's going to happen. I will update on the meeting after we get home Thursday night. I do know this meeting is a round table where you get the ask a mom that has already gone through pregnancy and birth all sorts of questions. I think this one will be very very informative. We'll find out soon!

Lastly, one of my relatives(not sure how we're really related) who i saw at the Bench Reunion had twins back in February. Well word was out that we were going to have twins and she called me a couple of weeks ago. I just got back to her yesterday and i was so happy i did. She was so informative and gave me lots of ideas once our kido's are here. She did say the first 2.5 months are going to be horrible...but after that it'll all be worth it. I still remember when we had Hannah and that's right about on target when we finally were able to get out of the fog and get a bit of sleep. She did say she seperated the babies and put them in seperate rooms after a month. I did NOT expect to seperate them until they were old enough to beg for their own rooms! YIKES! She said everyone is different and you just really need to do what feels right.
Also, she gave me this AWESOME website to check out: twinstuff.com talking about a ton of neat stuff and info. I love it and was on the computer almost all day looking at the site.

Will update ya'll more after we get more info on our new house!