Thursday, June 29, 2006

6/29 Update After a GREAT Dr. Appt.

The babies are doing GREAT! I went to the dr. today for another ultra sound. This is our second of many we'll have done. The dr. said with Twins you have a lot more ultra sounds and a lot more dr.'s appts. The good part about going to the dr. is that i always feel so nice and excited leaving the dr.s office. I know that everything is alright up to that point.

As i arrived at the dr.s office i felt a lot more nervous than the past times. I think i've read to many bad things about the disappearing twin syndrome. I've been a little nervous all week to say the least. I don't think i slept at all last night...worrying and thinking.

Anyway, the dr. appt went something like this. We arrived and they took me into the ultra sound room. My weight was exactly the same as before. They checked my blood pressure...which i was really surprised was normal considering my husband drove and probably almost hit 2 or 3 cars on the way to the dr.'s office. :) Then the ultra sound. At first all i could ask was are there still two there? He said yes...there is one and there is the other. I honestly don't know how he figured that out because they both look exactly alike to me. I did finally see two at once and felt relieved. Second of all i asked if both hearts were beating...he said yes they are...and did something so i could hear one at a time. They sounded so loud and strong!

Dr. P said they are definitely identical twins and that you could tell they are identical because the lining between the two is very thin and if you have fraternal twins the lining between them is very thick. Second of all he told me everything looked great and that now we have to really watch out to see if these babies share a blood supply. He said that is really bad if they do and that you can normally tell if they are because one gets bigger while one stays small. So our next hurdle is to hope that they don't share blood supplies....and i'm not really sure when he'll find that out.

here is the first image of one of the babies. The is the one where you can see the little half circle membrane above the baby...that is how the dr. said he knows they are identical.

This one is the second one of baby A: isn't it weird how they call them baby a and baby b?

Second to last and most importantly we are so lucky to have such a wonderful dr. He does not take my insurance anymore so we have to pay for everything and then get reimbursed for 60% by the insurance company and he knows what a mess the whole insurance thing has turned into for us and did not charge us to do this ultra sound. They can run up to 300 a piece and we need a lot more than normal. So thank goodness for such a wonderful caring dr.

Lastly, we have our next dr. appt 7/12 and since we can't find a sitter for this one and it's on a wednesday, which is not hannah's mothers day out day, we have to take her with us. I think it'll be kinda neat because she'll get to hear the heart's beating...just hope she doesn't throw a fit in the dr.'s office :)

O yeah and one more thing...he's a pic of(L-R) Cousin Allison, Uncle Jeff, Grandpa Bench, Daddy Myers & Hannah on fathers day at Taste of Texas. Boy what a fun time Hannah and Allison had that day. They are finally starting to have fun and interact together alot more than they did when they were small babies. I just love it how close they are in age...and how me and my sister compare notes on a constant basis about the girls.


Jaymie and Chad said...

Bren - That is great news! I am so excited to hear that all is well with the babies. I cannot believe you are having identical twins! I just can't get over it! I am just thrilled for you guys, and I can't wait to meet my nieces or nephews!!! Love ya!