Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Big Ultra Sound

Well we had the big ultra sound today. I'm happy to say everything went very well. Evidentally the nurse had booked the ultra sound a bit to early b/c he usually likes to do them around 19 wks...i'm only 18w4d. He was able to see all of baby A(Samantha) but Baby B(Sarah) was hiding out a bit, SO he'll re-check anything he couldn't see really great on Sept 20th. He did say Samantha was Breech, but we may be ok b/c they still have some time to flip before they get to big. Right now one baby is 7 ounces and one baby is 8 ounces, which is totally normal. Lastly Dr. P said he was 100% they were girls. We were actually able to see one of the babies privates...and it was definitely a girl. All in all we had a great appt and i'm starting to get excited about having two more babies added to our family.

One other very important note: the dr. said that he was pretty sure the girls would arrive somewhere between Christmas and New Years...i hope there's enough time to have a glass of champagne at midnight on new years eve!! HA HA...Just kidding! He did tell me he'd try to hold off till after Christmas if all possible. So hopefully we'll be home Xmas day and try to have a semi normal christmas for Hannah...although i'll probably be sooo big i won't want to get out of bed. The good part is that if they are here before the new year...we'll get TWO extra tax write offs! YAHOO!

On another note: we are scheduled to close on the house Monday afternoon! Paul and I are so excited about our new home. It's a great house to raise a family.

Here are some pics of the babies: (L-R) The babies mouth, the babies head and a pair of feet, 2nd row: the babies spine, babies mouth, 3rd row: face, babies head with a pair of feet(this is because they are breech