Thursday, August 03, 2006


Well all signs point to GIRLS!!! I totally guessed right!!!! I just knew it. Paul is a bit sad because our plan had always been to have two and then if we had two girls to adopt a boy. NOW, there's no way we're adopting a child...we won't have room and we'll have to win the lottery to pay for private school tuition and then college and weddings, etc. When i reminded Paul about THREE weddings...he was a bit freaked out. I also just remembered that there is no one so far to carry on the Myers name. It's like a dejavu of my family, which had all girls too! The good part is that the girls can all share clothes and they will probably all love to sleep in the same room and maybe even share a big bed for a while. They will also hopefully be very close since they are so close in age. I regret that i did not have my oldest sister closer in age to me because we were never going to same direction...never hung out together and by the time she was in high school i was just starting elementary school.

Secondly the dr.s checked out the girls and they are doing fine. I had to sign my life away and tell them i didn't want to do any genetic testing b/c if they test for things like spina bifada there are chances of a false positive and it's higher with twins and then you could have to do an amnio to see for sure. The whole thing is weird and i do not agree with testing for these things because they only reason one might test for them is to do selective reduction if there is something wrong with one or both. So i said no to the testing and i'm happy with my choice.

Hannah came with us today to the dr. becuase i was still a bit nervous about her going to school today. She did really good in the dr.s office despite the fact that we had a REALLY long wait today.

I'm also attaching some pics of Hannah in her new bouncy play toy. This was the day after the party because we did not get any pics of her in the boucny on her bday.