Friday, June 23, 2006

The first weeks of my pregnancy

Well it's June 23rd and lots of things have happened since i found out i was pregnant.

First and most importantly we found out we're not only having one baby...but two! I was very surprised and shocked to say the least.
The dr. thinks they are identical but i think we'll know more for sure this coming thursday 6/29. We have another ultra sound this upcoming thursday and i can't wait.

Here's the info the dr. told us about last time to get us prepared.

He said we'd have more dr.'s appt's than last time with baby Hannah.
After 20 weeks to take everything slow.
They will definitely induce by 38 weeks and normally they decide they are ready around 36 weeks. My actual due date is 1/20-pauls' bday is 1/19! So subtrat 2 weeks and they will be here by 1/6 but maybe even xmas babies. I feel kinda bad because Hannah's xmas this year may be with her cousin, aunts, uncles and grandparents. We may be in the hospital. :(

My weight gain right now at 9w5d is 0 lbs. I think because i've been so sick and have not lost all the weight from my first pregnancy i just haven't gained any weight. Which i feel is good for me!

I've been having tons of sleepless nights...and lots of weird dreams. I'm also sick every morning...and tired all day!

That's it for let me see if i can figure out how to post my first ultra sound!


the other brenda said...

congratulations! twins and new constructions - wow. the other brenda

Jaymie and Chad said...

Congratulations Bren!! I am so excited for you, Paul, and big sis Hannah. I'll be here for you all the know that! Love you!