Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dr. Appt and stuff

Sorry, once again this has taken me forever to update again.

Paul and I went to the dr. 2 Monday's ago and everything is well with the girls. Pauls a bit nervous because everything is going so good so far. The girls were 3.3lbs each last appt and by now should be somewhere around 3.7lbs. Once i hit 32 weeks were really ok because they should be 3.14lbs by then. I go to the dr. tomorrow and from now on every week after this for an ultra sound.

I have had some contractions lately. Very weird to me since i never had them with Hannah. My dr. said when i do to time them and lay on my left side and drink a ton of water. SO far they go away pretty quickly....Thank Goodness.

Julia is working out great. Hannah just loves playing with her. We are still workng on the obedience part since Hannah thinks Julia is her gopher/made but i think with time things will all work out. It's definitely a large adjustment since i don't like people staying at my house for long and Julia will be here for a year...but i think i'll get used to it.

That's it for now...will update again tomorrow after the dr. appt.