Monday, October 09, 2006

Baby Shower & Dr. Appt

First of all i want to thank everyone that came to my baby shower. I had a great time and i'm so thankful that my sister jennifer insisted that i have a shower. It was a ton of fun. I also wanted to thank my other sister Kathleen for helping Jennifer put on such a great shower. There was plenty of food, fun and games that were pretty entertaining! I will attach the pics as soon as i get them from Jaymie. She had sent me her's but on the kodak share webiste and i can't download them to my blog from there. SO, hopefully she can resend them as an attachment.

Secondly, my Dr. appt went very well. I had to go myself because Paul had to stay home and watch Hannah. I had my gestational diabetes testing today as well as an ultra sound. I will not know till around Thursday if my getstaional diabetes test comes up normal or not but i will update if i hear something. The ultra sound went very well. The girls are both 1lb 11 oz and i'm measuring at 30 weeks already. The dr. said it's normal to measure big since they are normal size for their age and i have two in my belly. They are both still breech and the chances of them fliping grow smaller as they get i'm just guessing i'll have a c-section but not for sure. I'm starting into the home stretch of having the babies now and i have to go have an ultra sound every two weeks now. He said one they are viable(as they are at 24 weeks) they keep even a better watch since if something was wrong they could go ahead and get them early and chances would be great of survival. After i hit 32 weeks i start in on every week ultra sound. Gosh that seems like a lot of ultra sounds...but they really do keep a close eye on high risk multiple baby it's a good thing for the health of my babies.

Anyway i think that's it for now...i will update if i get any more news.