Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hannah & Allison celebrate the 4th of July


Well we had a great 4th of July this year. Despite the bad weather my sister had a 4th of july party at her house and the best part was that Allison and Hannah had a GREAT TIME! The played and chased each other around and even got to swim in Hannah's baby pool.

I'm going to attach a few pics

Aren't these some great pics...Hannah and Cousin Allison had soo much fun in the pool. The third pic of Hannah has her ma ma(grandma) and her playing with her favorite doll.

P.S. Allisons mommy promised to buy Allison a new swimsuit. She could barely get in on her yesterday AND when she finally did it looked like one of those wrestling outfits where the guys chest hangs out the top! :) I sure hope she buys her one soon or Allison is going to never forgive her when she sees these pics 10 yrs from now. Also, i'll probably be buying Hannah 2T again next summer since she's so tiny the 2T she has on this summer swallows her(My BABY WILL BE TWO AUGUST how time flies)! I can't believe the significant difference in size fo the girls...i wish Hannah would just eat some food so she'd put on a bit of weight.

For more pics please go to the following website:
We still have but the program we used to post those pics has not been upgraded and we can't add any more pics so we had to revert to a new program/website so we could keep updating pictures and keep current. Not all the pics are on this new website yet...we have a total of 7500 pics and you can only add so many pics every 2 months. Needless to say it's going to be a long process esp once the new babies come and we take tons of more pics...i don't know how long it will take to get them all back up on the website. Also, we have all the video clips we've taken of Hannah and puppies on line too. You shouldn't try to open this up unless you have at least a DSL or better. If you try with a dial up you'll be sitting around all day waiting for one clip to load!
On another note: I'm still sick but only in the morning. I feel puky all day but only really get sick in the morning. I've been trying to eat protein at night(peanut butter and crackers) before i go to bed because i've read that helps you feel better when you wake up in the didn't work. Anyway i'm 11.5 weeks now and hoping the puky feeling will go away soon and i get some energy back soon. I go to the dr. in one week from today...hopefully i'll have some more portraits of the babies to show you everyone then.

Happy Wednesday!