Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hannah 2 year pics, News on the Homefront, NWMOM Update

Hello All,

First of all we finally were able to go get Hannah's 2 yr pics done. What a relief. She did NOT like taking them at all, so when i attach them you will see as she did NOT smile once. I think from now one we'll have to take her alot more often to get her used to having her pics taken. I'm sad she didn't smile and we didn't get any really good ones...but maybe the Christmas pics will be better.

Second of all, we have officially bought the house. We had inspections done last week and everything went very well. As of tomorrow, we are out of option pending and the only way we wouldn't get it is if the owner of the house back out for any reason(i think). We have been making big plans for our new house. We are having a "master bathroom" added behind the bedroom with hopefully 2 showers, having floor to ceiling windows put in the living room, a trellis put on the back patio with a fan and a couple of other small things done. Hopefully we'll get all this done prior to moving in althought it's always sooo hard to sit and wait when you know your new house is right around the corner and there's so much to do. I just can't wait till we actually close and get the keys to the house. I can't wait to show off the new's really a georous house and soo big.

Thirdly, Melody and i went to the NW Mom's of Multiples meeting this past week. We had an ice cream social. YUMMY! It was a fun time and we met a ton of new people. I met this one lady who has twin fraternal boy/girl babies that are 5 weeks old. Gosh, i felt so bad for her. She was not getting much sleep and said that each baby kinda had their own schedule and she'd maybe get 2 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period! YIKES! I did get some great info and one lady said that she'd take a 5-6 hour nap when her hubby got home from work...Paul thought that was a great idea...and then i'd do the over night. We'll see how that works...i think i'll be ok as long as i get a real period of sleep somewhere in a 24 hour period. Another lady said that identical babies may sleep on the same schedules if we are lucky...boy would that be nice.

Lastly, we go to our 19 week ultra sound this coming Wednesday! I can't believe i'm almost half way there! WOW...i'm so excited. I'm really just ready to get over the first 9 weeks or so where the girls will be waking up at night. After that i think i'll really enjoy it alot more! I will update everyone after i get out of the dr.s office Wed. Please say a prayer that both babies are fine and everything comes out normal. I read the other day that 90% of twin pregnancies are normal and the babies are fine. I hope that we are in the 90%!

Here are some pics of Hannah:
The first one is of Hannah & Cousin Allison at Lunch last weekend...they had way too much fun. They were talking...but screaming at the same time. We scared everyone out of the room we were sitting in b/c of the girls :)
The second one was of Hannah putting on "bipstick" after she somehow found some hidden in the bathroom drawer! :) She was so proud of herself! Thank goodness she didn't get it all over the house!
The last three were the photos we took at Picture people. She just refused to smile...although i think they still came out pretty good! :)


Katherine said...

Oh my gosh, Brenda! She is SO cute! She looks just like you. I'm sure you hear that a lot:)