Friday, November 24, 2006

Dr. Appointment

The dr. Appointement on Monday went REALLY well! I forgot to update until now...sorry!

Dr. Putterman stated that everything is going well and we've officially set a C-Section date. The girls will be here no later than December 26th! Right now they weight 3.10lbs and 3.14lbs and are doing well. Dr. P just told me to keep on doing whatever i was doing because everything seems to be going fine.

I have some mixed emotions about having the girls 1 day after Christmas. First and foremost i'm concerned that Hannah is going to have to celebrate Christmas with my family and me not be able to come since it'll be so close to the end for me. I'm also concerned that the girls will be sad when they get older and think they didn't get a real birthday because Christmas is so close and they'll think there presents are all combined together. I guess if that's the worst thing that could happen...i'm really blessed in and in good shape.

Next i also feel guilty for even thinking any of this because there are so many people out there that either can't have babies or have very premature babies that are really sick. We are very very blessed and i know that because as of right now the girls are really big enough to be fairly well if they were born now.

Anyway the good news is that if i don't go into labor before December 26th i will have a c-section that day. YAHOO! I'm really ready to have them and get started with the all night feedings :)

O yes, more good news before i forget. Melody was able to take Sydney home Wednesday(the day before Thanksgiving). She was so excited but also sad that Kaitlyn couldn't come along. She said it was a bitter sweet day... The best news is that Kaitlyn will be home very soon and is doing great...just taking a bit of time to get her to suck and take her bottles.

I got to the dr. once a week now so i'll have more updates this upcoming monday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!