Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Friend Melody

I'm without a twin pregnancy partner now. My friend and pregnancy buddy Melody had her babies on Friday Morning. She was 6 weeks ahead of me and wasn't due till Dec 6th or around there. She went into preterm labor and didn't know. She said she thought that the babies were just moving a bunch. They had a c-section on Friday morning because it was too late to stop the preterm labor and both babies were breech. The girls weighted 1.10lbs and 1.12 lbs. There names are Kaitlyn and Sidney(i totally wanted to name one of ours Sidney but paul didn't want to). Anyway Melody is taking it very very well considering. I have talked to her a couple of times and she is much calmer than me! The babies also had surgery two nights ago because they had heart murmurs and they didn't close and so the dr. decided to go in and close them. I have not talked to melody since this happened because i'm very nervous and don't want to bother her when she has so much going on. I want her to call me when she's ready to talk. She did tell me we'll have to start doing our weekly lunches at the hospital...which will be fine for me. I just have to make sure it's on a day when Hannah is in mothers day out. I really want to support her but i don't want to upset or overwhelm her...at the same time i don't want her to think i don't care about her.

Anyway that's all for now...i knows it's really sad news but on the bright side...The babies are going to be ok and all we can do is sit, wait and pray for Melodys family.