Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dr. Appt today

We went to the dr. today despite the fact that i'm really sick. Obviously i have gotten whatever my poor baby has had for a few days now. She's got a really bad croupy cough and i took her to the dr. Monday and the dr. said it was croup. With her medicine issues i've had to give her "presents" every time i want her to take medicine. I never in my wildest dreams thought i'd have to coax her into taking yummy cherry medicine but she just won't take it willingly. Her presents usually consist of a different chap stick/lip smacker that i have a stash of in a drawer.

As for my dr. appt. It went really well. The girls weight the following:
Baby A weights 4.7lbs
Baby B weights 4.12lbs

That totals over 9lbs in my big ole belly. I can't believe it...2lbs more than when i had Hannah. Maybe that is why i can hardly walk these days and my pelvis hurts so bad i can hardly get up off the couch which is where i sit all day long.

He said Baby B is REALLY active and Baby A is a bit calmer. I wonder if there personalities will reflect that when they get here? Hmm...

The dr. also checked my fluid and everything seems to be going just fine. The next two appts and ultra sounds will only consist of vital/fluid checks because the babies are big enough now to where he won't worry anymore.

I think that's it for the way i'm already so big the only thing that fits me is pauls 2x t-shirts and those are even tight. If anyone has any suggestions about what the think i may be able to put together as an outfit let me know...otherwise i think i'm going to be wearing pjs' all day and perhaps some moo moo's when i go out... LOL