Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My dr.s appt today

Paul and I went to the dr. today while Ms. Hannah got to play with her grandma and grandpa. Everything went very well today. I did tell the dr. i was worried a bit now with what happened to Melody. He said not to worry and just be as aware of different pains as you can be. He said if i feel like something is wrong call and come in asap. He said he'd rather me come in and there be nothing wrong than to wait it out and find there is something wrong. He did give me a booklet on perterm labor to read since i really didn't go through a real labor last time since i was induced 4 days late.

Dr. P also did an ultra sound today. The girls are doing great...and Dr. P laughed a bit because they are both breech and he wasn't able to figure out who was who as he normally could. He showed me one shot of four feet going crazy moving around. He said he really couldn't tell which one was lower and which one was higher. It was really funny. He said there's a 50/50 chance they will both turn back around but you never really know. Once they get a bit bigger the chances are slimmer that they will flip back correctly. I'm not really worried about them being breech and have a c-section...i'd probably prefer that over a regular birth anyway.

That's all on the babies for to the house.
The house is coming along GREAT! We are really happy with our decision to use Israel so far. He has come through and really wants to make us happy. He comes to us with every decision that needs to be made and i'm just really happy with him overall. So far they've done the following:
1. torn out the back wall and fireplace and now they are framing the new windows
2. replaced the floor with the slate
3. added a door from the bedroom outside
4. we've had the shrubbery and trees torn out to clean up for the new fence
5. torn out the cabinet doors for the Big T.V. to fit in the cabinet
6. torn out the book cases from the dining room wall to be replaced in pauls office.

I think that's it for now...but the house is already looking really really nice. Talking about adding some light to the house. It's SOO much brighter now. We are really going to enjoy all the light.

We have a MOM meeting tomorrow. I'm really excited because Melody is coming with me. It's always nice to hang out with a whole bunch of women who have been through what your about to go through. I will update more later after the meeting.